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First Impressions Review: 12x08 "LOTUS"

Okay, to be fair I might be coming down with a cold or some bug so this review is a little short. I don't feel really bad, just not...normal and my nose is really runny. Bleh. I've only watched the episode once online.

Ah....methinks Lucifer has found a new home....in an Archbishop.

Boys at the morgue! And Cas and Crowley are already there. Hee!
So the dead guy, Wallace Parker was the "CEO of almost everything" and burned up by Lucifer. Crowley points out that Luci is moving up to the higher ups on the human host chain. Agent Zappa. Hee!

Sam's figured out that Lucifer is possessing the Archbishop because he's suddenly not wearing a cross anymore. The boys are soon back on the road....

Hey, I know that location! :)
Hmmm, nobody's answering at the Archdiocese. That can't be good. No power either. Lots of dead priests and nuns....but one tells them they tried to intervene and Dean guesses an exorcism. They find the Archbishop, with his eyes burned out.

Oh, is this guy supposed to be the President of the US....accepting Lucifer??? Oh, crap. Jeff??? Ooops, bad timing for the Secret Service guy.

Heh, awkward moment with the staff and speaking to God. That bible was burning his hand.

Whoah....the fire behind the Pres. Scary with the "nuke'em" line. *shudders* Oh, and he's popular....Luci likes that. And having sex with a staff member. Well, at least he's a widower. Yeah, you're not going to be a real couple, honey.

So they can power-down the warding in the Bunker to allow Crowley inside and Sam's not happy. Crowley's got news on Lucifer - he's got operatives. He tells them Lucifer is now possessing Jefferson Rooney, President of the US.

So some Satanic cult members want to take out the President....'cause yeah, he's Satan. Ah, he's talking about the boys. And Sam's calling Mick's number....and getting voicemail. The boys and Cas are looking at the house the Pres is staying at and all the security. He's also booked solid with speaking engagements, etc. Plan A, B, and C are brought up in quick succession.

Uh, oh....Rowena's getting dumped. Heh. Love it when the guy hands Crowley his laundry to do. LOL! And then he kills the guy - bloody. "That is the sweetest things you've ever done for me." Hee!

Luci's in bed with the staffer gal again and she's sensed that something has changed. Uh, yeah....

Uh, oh....Cas has the shakes. Whoah. Angel radio...a surge in celestial energy. A nephelim has come into being.....oh, man....Lucifer. Dean: "I didn't know he was dating." LOL

Ooooh, boys driving during the day! This doesn't happen often anymore. Cas in the backseat. Hee! Uh, oh....police after them. Actually it's the Secret Service...and they know who the boys are. Fight!!!!! And it doesn't go in favor of the boys. And a black car pulls up....with music playing. Ooooh, "Take Five"....WTH??? Now that's a GUN! Hit the deck!!!!! He blew up the Secret Service vehicle. Love the boys diving behind the Impala and Cas just standing there, taking the blast. Ah, it's Mr. Ketch at last.

Ketch paints a pretty good picture....they're here to help the US hunters. Cas senses he isn't lying, so that's something. The boys are suitably suspicious though. But Ketch has some pretty sweet toys, including the grenade launcher he used on the car. And he's got a golden egg device that can force a demon or angel out of a human body. Sweet! So the plan is to get a hold of the Pres's girlfriend and only one can get inside the mansion. Crowley's up!

He snatches the gal (Kelly) and they tell her what's going on. Oh, and Lucifer knows she's bearing his child.

So Kelly calls the Pres and they arrange a meet at a motel. Heh. I know this location, too. *g* The Secret Service dudes check out the place and the group hides and Cas does his mojo on one guy so he reports that nobody's inside except Kelly. Luci goes in and....he's gonna kill her! Go Sam!!!! Rowena does her stuff....he tells Sam this isn't over and Sam tells him to go to Hell. Fitting. Lucifer smokes out and disappears down an air vent. The President is alright according to Cas and he won't remember anything. He gets Kelly out of there and the boys have a nice little moment of we-finally-got-rid-of-Lucifer. Yeah, but what about the baby???

Oh, great! The Secret Service goes in and arrest the boys for attempting to assassinate the President! Wha???? Hey, Cas....you coudn't help out, dude? He was too busy getting Kelly out the other room. Sam looks worried and rightly so.

Cas, Cas, Cas....rule number one: never let your hostage out of your sight! She slipped outside and into a cab. Great. But she calls him on the phone....she wants to keep the baby. Gah!!!!!

Meanwhile the boys are in chains and headed to who knows what maximum security prison!!!!! Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Thinky Thoughts

Alright, so I had misgivings about the writers for this ep, because we all do, but it wasn't the train wreck I thought it would be. Still, it was kind of...meh.

Not only do I disagree that this guy would be the US president because Dean already mentioned in another episode that we have a black president, but him being so overly religious makes me a little nervous. I mean...THAT was his reason for letting Lucifer in? Obviously, he didn't know it was Luci and assumed it was just another angel, but still. I thought the reason would be something more dire...like the nation was in grave danger or something. It just makes me nervous that even a fictional president would give up control so easily like that.

Luci as the President didn't really disappoint...he killed a Secret Service agent, bedded one of his aids, put out a hit squad on the boys, was ready to nuke another country, and to grant a pardon to Charles Manson. Yikes.

Glad the boys (and we) got to finally meet Mr. Ketch. He seems nice enough, but I still don't trust him. Do the British MOL really want to work with US hunters or is it all a ploy for them to take over here? Something's going on and I hope we'll learn more soon.

So glad Sam was the one to take on Lucifer with that golden egg. It was pretty awesome. But is Lucifer really back in his cage? How do we know?

Kelly giving Cas the slip at the diner was pretty stupid. I don't like when our favorite characters become dumb just to push the plot along. It's unfair. Cas had the same problem with Metatron....you'd think he'd have learned by now. And Kelly really wants to keep the child knowing it's Satan's spawn??? Great. So now we'll have that problem in the future.

Meanwhile, the boys are knee-deep in trouble for attempting to kill the President. Too bad he won't remember anything in order to let them off the hook. But what is it about those Secret Service agents...are they really just humans or demons in disguise? That Rick dude looked suspicious. Anyway, I wonder how the boys are going to get out of this mess???

We'll have to wait until January 26th (at it's new time at 8p.m.) to find out. Hmmm....


Castiel / Crowley: Agents.
Dean: Okay, this has got to stop. Gimme that.
Crowley: Armani!

Crowley: Lucifer's not content with slutting it from one random vessel to the next. He's moving on to blue chips. Celebrities, captains of industry. He just got a lot more dangerous.

Dean: We'll look around, and if it is Lucifer we'll call the rest of the Scooby gang.

Lucifer: Babies... That's what we are. Innocents all of us, struggling to walk upright with purpose and pride. And yet we need our Father... to be there when we fall. Today we lost a brother, tomorrow we will continue our work for the country. Amen.

Sam: Lucifer doesn't like being messed with. I guess when the archbishop's priests figured out he was possessed, they tried to keep it quiet, do an an exorcism. I mean not that it would have worked. Lucifer blew town, but not before he slaughtered the entire staff. So we were on the right trail, where's it go now?
Dean: I don't know. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize? Why don't we start there.

Sam: Crowley can we just get the damn news without the drama?
Crowley: Can I get you without the flannel? No. Still I endure

Castiel: Somethings happened. Something. It's angel radio, there's so many voices.
Dean: What are they saying?
Castiel: There's been a massive surge in celestial energy. A Nephilim has come into being. It's the offspring of an angel and human.
Dean: And that's big news?
Castiel: Yes. But the power that produced this is immense. Much more powerful than a typical angel.
Sam: Lucifer.
Dean: Lucifer...? I didn't know he was dating.

Sam: Do we have a plan?
Dean: Impeach LOTUS and find Rosemary's baby.

Mr. Ketch: You angel. Wipe their memories. U.S. government plates. Elite dog catcher level. Someone special wants you. Whose hydrant have you lads been tinkling on?
Dean: I'm sorry who the hell are you?
Mr. Ketch: Oh, where are my manners. Arthur Ketch. British Men of Letters.

Sam: I hung up.
Mr. Ketch: Yes you did. Which made Mr. Davies think you're in trouble. Which you were. So he rings me. Bing-bang-boom, meet Bob he's your uncle. Oh, and um, you're welcome.

Mr. Ketch: You. Halo. Do you sense I'm lying?
Castiel: My name is Castiel. And no. But the truth can be situational.
Mr. Ketch: Oh, I do enjoy an angel. But I understand your hesitation, you haven't exactly seen us at our best. Lady Bevell is a bit... excitable.

Kelly: Who are you people?
Rowena: Well, dear. I'm a witch, he's an angel.
Crowley: And I'm the King of Hell.
Kelly: Oh God.
Castiel: No, actually he left.

Lucifer: This isn't over Sam!
Sam: Go to Hell!

Dean: We got him. We got Lucifer.

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