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Image Viewing Issues???

Has anyone been having problems viewing the caps, images, etc. on my LJ?
Namely for the Beginnings & Endings, SPN Name That Cap Challenge 5, Random Fanart, and the various "goodies" posts (like the Video & Caps posts I've been doing lately).

This was initially brought to my attention by sandy79 a few days ago on my Happy SPN Day post.

I checked things out and discovered that I could see all the images on my posts in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers. However, they were missing when using Opera and Vivaldi.

Now I've had this issue in the past and usually it eventually corrects itself, but tonight I got to checking into it more (because I was using the Opera browser) and found out why the images aren't showing up.

The links were different in SlickPic. Like the coding had mysteriously been changed since I made the posts!
What. The. Hell??? sSig_aaarggh

I looked back and it all began after November 1st! Before that date everything's fine.

Now I've gone and edited some of the posts and fixed the problem, but it's a lot of posts to take care of so I thought I'd ask if anyone else is having this problem. If not, well maybe I won't go back and re-edit them all...maybe. *sigh*

So has anyone else been having problems viewing the caps/images on my Livejournal?

Please let me know. I always appreciate when people notify me of a problem because I want to fix it for you all. 645

Tags: help, livejournal, rant, technology
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