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SPN Name That Cap Challenge 5 - Day 15

Rules & Info. about the Challenge
Day 14 Cap:
The image of Sam was from S4s "When The Levee Breaks".


10 people guessed correctly: borgmama1of5 milly_gal cuddyclothes casey28 warriorgal jennygeee sandy79 echo_grace_07 hells_half_acre tracys_dream.

Just about everyone got that cap right. Good job!

Ready for the next cap? Good Luck!


What episode is this cap from?

You have until I post the next cap on Tuesday, December 20th to comment
with your 3 guesses.

Btw, since I've been having trouble with people viewing the images/caps in my posts, I'm doing a little experiment. This post was made using the Firefox browser. Please let me know if you can see the cap. Thx! :)

Tags: fun stuff, name that cap 5, supernatural
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