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Video & Caps: Jensen's FB Live Video For 11x17

As promised, here's Jensen's video from when the guys were watching 11x17 "Red Meat" during it's live broadcast. Still so cute when Jensen gets all grumpy and tries to figure out how to turn off the video. :P

NOTE: These caps are small (only 360x360) and not the best quality, but I did what I could to improve them.

Zipped Folder of all 73 Caps: Jensen FBLS for 11x17 Caps by Raloria.zip - 5 MB

Select from the 23 Sample Caps below or view the full album of 73 caps HERE.

// Click on thumbnails to view caps at full-size. //


Btw, since I've been having trouble with people viewing the images/caps in my posts, I'm doing a little experiment. This post was made using the Safari browser. Please let me know if you can see the caps. Thx! :)

Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, actors: misha collins, actors: rob benedict, goodies, picspam, supernatural, video, youtube
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