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SPN Season 12 Re-watch Notes: 12x01 & 12x02

Before the mid-season finale, I got to thinking about doing a re-watch because Season 12 is making me think things I never had before about SPN and I wanted to figure out why. So I felt taking another look at the episodes was in order and I took a some notes during each one. Over the next 4 Wednesdays, I'll post the notes from 2 Season 12 episodes. Hope you enjoy the little look back over the first half of the season.

12x01 - Keep Calm And Carry On

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I think Sam was all badass and “screw you” towards Toni mainly because he figured there wasn’t any point in cooperating. Dean was dead for all he knew, so why fight to keep living - despite him boasting that he’d kill Toni & Watts and escape.

And Toni really didn’t give Sam a chance, and clearly didn’t want to. Sure, people have died on the Winchester’s watch, but they’ve also saved a ton of people too. They certainly didn’t know any other MOL were out there watching them and judging their actions! And if the British MOL really want to extend an olive branch to the US hunters (as we’ll find out in the next episode) why send Lady Bevell? She’s clearly off her rocker and extremely dangerous. They didn’t know she’d go after the Winchesters in this fashion? And why wait all these years to step in? Besides, their system, while efficient - misses the grey area of dealing with monsters. In the past even the Winchesters have allied themselves with beings that the British MOL would’ve killed outright. Can you see Crowley or Cas or Rowena still being around if the BMOL had their way? Yet, they’ve been crucial in many victories for the boys.

So Ms Watts deemed Sam so strong and resilient that she wanted to kill him or call Mr. Ketch, who Toni called a psychopath and didn’t want anywhere near her.

That push-in on Dean with the sun at his back? One of the prettiest shots of the show, ever. Goodness!

People have complained that Dean and Cas should have done better in the fight against Ms Watts. But besides the warded brass knuckles, she had some skills. Pretty sure the British MOL have quite the training program (an assumption, sure, but they seem very well organized, so why not?). Usually the boys are fighting monsters and other humans who don’t have any fight training. It’s out and out brawling. Watts had some clever skills - such as disarming Dean without him even knowing it. That’s something he’s rarely come up against.

No way did that much blood pool on the floor from Sam just cutting his palm open. Besides, the cut he shows to Toni is already coagulating.

12x02 - Mamma Mia

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So according to Toni hunters are tools, they don’t think - perpetuating the belief Henry Winchester had about hunters. No wonder the BMOL think so lowly of the Winchesters. They’re hunters living in a MOL Bunker. That’s gotta be sacrilege in their eyes, right? How dare a couple of grunts, hunters be passing themselves off as scholars and MOL?

So we have Dean and Mary back at the Bunker and Cas in Aldridge looking for Sam’s location. Dean’s been monitoring things online while Cas is his leg-man off in the field. I know some fans have criticized this and wondered why Dean wasn’t out there looking for Sam himself, but I think because Mary was with him he probably thought it best to get her back home to rest at the very least. I mean they went from the park to the Bunker and then went right out after Sam. I’m sure if he’d been on his own he simply would’ve kept looking for Sam in Aldridge.

For all of Toni’s supposed knowledge about the Winchesters….why does she have so much misinformation? She seems to think the boys report to someone for their hunts and believes some of their sources may have been compromised or bought???

Another good question….how did she get him back in that chair all chained up by herself? Ms Watts is dead and she apparently cut all ties with that driver dude. Can’t really see her lugging Sam’s big body into that chair.

Thanks to Mick, we find out Toni went against orders, which again shows how out of control she is. And if they knew this why did they send her over here???? Especially unsupervised? They must have had some misgivings because they send Mick to check up on her.

Boo! Show for not having any dialog here between Lucifer!Jenn and Vince about saving his disabled sister, which was suddenly added into the Then segment for the next episode.

I still feel we were cheated out of a brother hug upon the boys reuniting. For gosh sakes, Sam thought Dean was dead! To see him alive and well…it should have been far more of an emotional moment than what we got. All summer long I was looking forward to a touching reunion between the brothers and I still feel the sting of that loss when I watch the episode on repeated viewings. It’s just not right.

I read a great speculative Season 12 fanfic over the summer that gave me everything I wanted in a reunion between Dean and Sam and Sam and Mary. And of course, now I can't find it in my Bookmarks. *sigh* But here's one that's also pretty good: Safe And Sound.

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