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Video & Caps: Jared on Live With Kelly Nov. 2016

I didn't cap this video specifically, instead getting them from the full program uploaded on YT by the show. The quality of the caps isn't the greatest, which is why I shrunk them down a bit from their original size. As for Jared, he was so sweet and adorable and I'm so happy he got to be on a morning talk show. Always eager to see our boys on mainstream media! You'll note that Jared does that adorable head scratch when he's nervous. Of course, this was also the morning we got the happy announcement that Jared and Gen are expecting their 3rd child in March! :)

:: Cap Size: 900 x 518 :: Cap Total: 118 :: Sample Caps: 30 ::
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Zipped Folder of all Caps: JP Live With Kelly 11-16 Caps by Raloria.zip - 40 MB

View the album of all the caps HERE.

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