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SPN Season 12 Re-watch Notes: 12x03 & 12x04

Here's another 2 episodes of re-watch notes. Kinda brief this time, but I really didn't have many new revelations. I still think these were 2 pretty solid episodes after the season premiere and follow-up ep. We get Mary's goodbye and then the boys dealing with her departure.

12x03 - The Foundry

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“Vince, together we can heal your sister, Wendy”
Fail!!!! This is the first time we’re hearing this line!!!! It was never in 12x02, which is the scene they show in the Then segment. Either something got cut in the 2nd episode, or they realized they hadn’t set up Vince’s sister for this episode yet and suddenly pasted the line in there. Either way, it’s just wrong.

I love and appreciate that Dean’s in denial about Mary’s struggles because he just wants “one good thing” for them for once in their lives. For once they got someone they love back instead of taken away. It’s no wonder that he wants to just latch onto Mary and not let go and with the episode pointing out all that the two of them have in common…it makes the ending all the more heartbreaking.

12x04 - American Nightmare

imgbox imgbox

Anyone else notice that when Dean is texting Mary, the whole message is on the screen but his thumbs were still hitting the keys? Oops! :P

“You don’t make a lot of friends when what’s best for a family is to split them up.”
Dean’s face after Beth says this…I know there’s a lot of fanfic out there where the boys were visited by child protective services, but you gotta wonder if that was a real threat to them as kids. Or maybe Dean’s reaction is tied to Mary’s recent departure alone?

This turns out to be one of those rare instances where Dean was totally wrong. Blinded by his feelings of abandonment by Mary? Could be. We’ve seen in the past that when Dean is hurting emotionally, he just wants to go out and kill. He’ll shoot first and ask questions later and this time he was way off the mark.

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