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SPN Season 12 Re-watch Notes: 12x05 & 12x06

Here's another 2 episodes of re-watch notes. I wasn't a big fan of 12x05 and 12x06 was good because of Mary's return (plus the return of Jody - yay!).

12x05 - The One You've Been Waiting For

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This episode is my least favorite of Season 12 so far. I still can’t help but feel that they missed an opportunity here to bring back the Aaron Bass character. Instead we had him way off in Germany, talking to the guys on the phone for an all-too-brief scene and that was it. Disappointing.

I know the boys told Mary that a lot of the hunting leg work was gone now thanks to the internet but I can’t help but think they’re taking it to extremes this season. Since when do the boys just sit around in a diner on their laptops - over the course of several scenes - when in the past they’d be out there hunting the baddies down in the car? I feel we’ve lost something here. Note show - boys in Impala? Exciting. Boys sitting around in a diner? Boring. Hard to believe they had no way to track Ellie. They seriously can’t track her cell phone??? It’s been done before! Sam had her phone number!

Poor Dean with his love of the grenade launcher and Sam telling him no. You get the feeling this isn’t the first time Dean’s wanted to use it and been denied. :P

Ok, seriously? Where does that pocket watch go when it’s inside the guy’s body? Does it just dissolve? ‘Cause I can’t imagine the body accepting such a foreign object like that. And considering we normally see human souls as these ethereal glowing clouds of light, this seems weird.

I still say this is a ghastly representation of Hitler. I was expecting scary, menacing…not this clown. Even his own officers seem a little confused. Happy about what you brought back guys?

It is cute how Dean keeps going on about killing Hitler at the end of the episode. Why didn’t we have another scene of him calling Aaron back and saying, “Dude. I killed Hitler. Top that!” LOL

12x06 - Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox

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If you need proof that Sam & Dean use some secret healing cream on their facial cuts? Asa got cut on the cheek by a werewolf as a kid and years later as an adult, the scar is still there.

Hee! So adorable that Dean has to tell Jody that he killed Hitler.

It’s kind of cool that the boys are such celebrities in the hunter community. :)

Geez, Dean….butt-hurt much? But on the other side of the coin, with Mary coming back I think it’s reverted Dean back to that little 4 year old boy who lost his mom and then basically lost his dad, too, to hunting. The normal, family life he had was gone in one night. Then mom is returned and she decides to up and leave? Yeah, I guess I’d feel hurt by that, too.

Ok, and yes, Dean’s probably also afraid of losing Mary again, as Sam says. Goodness knows they’ve lost so many people over the years and getting Mary back was a gift. How can something that good stick around, right? Dean doesn’t believe in good luck or second chances like this. Life is hard, the hunting life is hard, and hunters die bloody deaths like Asa did.

Alright, so the demon’s got them locked inside the house and turned off the water so they can’t make holy water to test for who’s possessed. Uh….how about the bottles of beer??? They can’t bless that stuff and make it work? Bobby mixed holy water in beer before. Or does it have to be actual holy water???

Love how Dean’s all through the door, knife out, and asking about his brother right away. :)

And they all have a flashlight (or cell phone light) on them, but not holy water??? Slackers. LOL

Love how Jensen twirls basically any knife, including the demon-killing one after Jody tells Sam that she thinks Mary is possessed.

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