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VanCon 2017: New Guests!!!!

A little behind with this news, but Creation has added some new guests to the VanCon list...
Emily Swallow, Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, and Gil Mckinney!!!!

So happy to have a totally new guest with Emily. Been wanting to meet her for a while now and I hope they include a Chuck & Amara photo-op! It's always great to have Kim & Briana around and...*happy sigh* Gil is BACK! Can't wait to hear him sing again during the SNS. Gil's kind of my guy...after Jensen of course! f6635c3046e2747843dcd1437cdf6b868656e34

It's good that they added more women, unlike last year when Kim & Briana were pretty much it. But I'd love it if they added Samantha Smith. It's been far too long since we've had her at VanCon and now that she's back on the show she's got all new stories to tell. I'd love to see Felicia Day, too (and have her sign her book for me) but with her pregnancy news I suppose she won't be attending many cons this year.

Who else would I like to see? Osric (can't imagine a VanCon without him), Katherine Newton (another guest we've never had), Tim Omundson would be great to see, too. But we've already got 12 guests, so we probably won't get many more. *sigh*

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