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SPN Season 12 Re-watch Notes: 12x07 & 12x08 and my thoughts about the season so far

Wrapping up my re-watch notes just in time for the shows return tomorrow!

12x07 - Rock Never Dies

imgbox imgbox

Dean playing Words With Friends with Mary…nice to see him smiling again. Dean’s user name is 67impala327 and Mary’s is mothermary1983. And ironically, the next word Dean can spell out with his letters is…Lucifer. Ha!

No! Wrong show….it’s not spelled Cass!!!! There’s only 1 “s” in Castiel!!!! *sigh*

Dude! That’s Kadeem Hardison???? Totally didn’t recognize him. I remember watching him on A Different World ages ago. Geez….now I feel old.

This is such a long scene between Crowley and Russell….this dialog couldn’t have been tightened up a bit? I wanna get back to the boys…

Heh….Dean’s complaining endlessly about driving all the way to L.A. and Sam’s totally tuning him out with his earbuds, listening to Vince Vincente music - which Sam tries to hide as a history podcast. Oh, Sam….sometimes you’re truly terrible at lying to your brother.

“At least I don’t look like a lumberjack.” Ooooh! Score one for Cas! Teehee!

Dean checks out the pizza box in Vince’s room and his visible disappointment when it’s empty.

Poor Cas is forced to babysit Crowley…..again.

OMG The boys passing themselves off as “The American Oasis”! LOVE all the black leather!!!! *swoons*

Kuma!!!!! I totally missed his cameo the first time watching. :)

That’s not exactly a huge crowd of fans outside the building….
I wonder what magazine Cas was looking at? I mean….what are his interests???

Lucifer really is that petulant abandoned child that’s just lashing out in anger.
Rick Springfield really did a good job in this role.
Poor Crowley really took a beating. Ouch.

Sam’s quote about Lucifer not having a plan makes me think of the way these first near-half episodes of Season 12 have been. I’m sure the writers have one, but I’m not seeing the plan so far.

12x08 - LOTUS

imgbox imgbox

I still think this episode was a horrible idea. Having Lucifer possess the President of the United States? It’s taking things too far. They broke the window of reality by not having an Obama look-alike, which they already set up as the US President years ago - twice, to be exact. I mean if the show is going to throw around all kinds of real celebrity names and cultural references, then they should maintain that level of reality. This is a huge break and it bothers me.

So he’s the most popular POTUS….well that just feeds into Lucifer’s need for attention and adoration.

Mr. Ketch sure knows how to make an entrance. Btw, I believe I spotted where the car explosion scene took place and it’s right alongside a past location from way back in Season 4.

Gotta love the set direction’s attention to detail with the bird poop on the motel sign!

And, yes…I’m still upset over Cas being so stupid to leave Kelly alone and allowing her to escape and then the boys letting themselves be captured so easily! These guys are smarter than this and I don’t like the writers dumbing them down just to move the plot along. It’s unfair to them and to us, the audience. We both deserve better.

Is Lucifer really back in the cage? How do we know?
His smoke or whatever went down the air vent and I highly doubt that’s a conduit to the cage in hell. I’m highly suspicious that he’s really gone for good.

I have to say, for a mid-season finale, this one fell pretty flat for me. :(


I think for the first time I'm really kind of disappointed in SPN. Don't get me wrong, I still love the show as always, but this season feels...aimless. There's no big bad to deal with, except Lucifer and now he's seemingly out of the picture. The British MOL are as mysterious as ever and while I'm sure we'll be learning more, I wish they weren't teasing us so long with them. What are they up to???

In seasons past there was always some big task to deal with....finding Dad, Sam's powers, Dean going to hell, Sam's demon-blood addiction, stopping the Apocalypse, soulless Sam, Leviathans, the Trials, the Mark of Cain, and defeating the Darkness. There's none of that for Season 12. The word before the season began was that they would be going smaller, more intimate. Which, I guess they have, but at the expense of any season-wide direction. I've never seen more episodes where the boys were doing less and had less scenes. The last 2 episodes alone were rather Sam & Dean light, spending a lot of time with Lucifer and Crowley and Cas. I truly miss there being a major foe or problem for the boys to deal with because so far it's like they're just treading water, waiting for something to do.

I've found myself not really super enjoying any of the episodes so far. The season premiere was strong, but after that they all sort of fizzled. No stand-outs like last season's "Baby" and "Red Meat"....but maybe they're still on the way.

I'm hoping the rest of the season is more exciting and enjoyable and that the writers have just been setting things up for an intense finish. 'Cause so far, I'm just not enjoying the ride too much.

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