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Making plans for February

This is just a little check-in on my current LJ To-Do List.

JibCon7 -- I still have one set of caps all uploaded & ready to go that was supposed to be posted last Friday, but it didn't happen. I then have 3 other JibCon7 videos capped, but need to sort/fix/upload before I can post them and only 2 more videos left to cap. But I need another week to make some/all of this happen. I will post the caps that are ready to go on Wednesday though.

Misc. other video cappings -- Since I'm currently caught up with my old cappings I do want to get back to some other old videos that I've been meaning to cap. Such as...

- Nerd HQ Panel 2016
- Nerd HQ Panel 2015
- SPN 2015 SD Comic Con Panel
- SPN 2016 SD Comic Con Panel (I don't have a video of this - must look for a good one to cap!)
- JA Directing
- Season 10 Gag Reel
- And then there's some SPN S10 DVD extras that I've got that I'd like to cap.

SPN Revealed -- I left off on Season 2 and I'm really eager to get back to work on this series.

My VanCon Photos from 2012 to 2016. -- Yep, I'm that far behind in posting my con photos. :( But I'm much better equipped to start editing them now than I was before, so everything is GO. I just need to work it into my schedule.

♦ SPN Season 12 Titles/Filming Dates/Locations Sticky Post -- Gah! Sooooo behind in getting this post posted. I keep procrastinating about it. *sigh* But every day I also keep telling myself, "You need to get back to saving filming tweets to Storify!" Yep, hasn't happened yet, but it really needs to. February!!! Which leads us to...

Comm SPN_Locations -- With only 6 1/2 months until VanCon, I've gotta get my butt in gear on not only updating the Locations List with new locations from Season 12, but FINALLY DOING MY BIG OVERHAUL OF THE LIST! So I've got a plan in place for some of the tasks I want to do and I'm going to start doing them next month. Yeah, February! Let's do this!!!

It wasn't intentional at all. I went into this project (1, 2 yrs ago?) with the best of intentions and full of excitement, but as with so many ideas, when RL got stressful and crazy, something had to be abandoned and sadly, this comm was the victim every time. *sigh* I'm not happy about it. I've been thinking of the comm so much over the past couple of months and trying to figure out the next step to take. I'm sure the people who signed up to volunteer have totally given up on me, so I feel I need to almost start over from scratch. One of the big stumbling blocks has been trying to make the decision if we'll actually transcribe con panel videos. Sounds like a tall order because I know I sometimes have a terrible time making out every word being spoken in a video and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So I'm unsure if that's actually do-able. It wasn't originally my intention for the comm, but I know it could be useful, so it's a viable option.

That's pretty much it except for doing Cap Lottery, Requests, and Theme Weeks for Just 'Cause posts, keeping up with SPN episode caps, making more Fanarts, and various other projects. Lots and lots of stuff!

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