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First Impressions Review: 12x11 "Regarding Dean"

Finally getting this done...with a headache. :( Didn't effect my enjoyment of the episode though. ;)

Guy, running through the woods, bleeding from his gut, and Dean's chasing him with a gun. Where's Sam??? Dean catches up to the guy and he's carved something into the tree and activates it which sends Dean flying into the ground. Uh, oh....

Dean wakes up with a bunny next to him! Awwww. :)
And his phone's busted. Cute. Wait....he was sleeping right next to a park path like that and nobody did anything??? Gotta believe that in Arkansas somebody would've checked on him. At least someone finally let him use their phone to call Sam.

Ah, waffles!
Sam meets him....that looks a lot like the Denny's they used in Season 3.
Dean's got an epic hangover and can't remember what happened last night. Sam thinks Dean might want to ease up, since he's no spring chicken anymore.

Dean: "Okay, one, the Rat Pack partied until the day they died, and B, I can still kick your ass." Hee!

Dean's a little foggy on their current case, but he does remember the dude they were investigating, a dead accountant. Then a woman approaches and he doesn't remember her, which earns him a slap. Jensen does such a great job here! LOL Dean just goes, "Yep! Epic night!" and the boys leave.

So they're at the morgue to view the victim, who died from suffocation. They found a bunch of money in his stomach....the bloody bag of which is making Dean regret his big breakfast. There was also a hex bag, so....witches.

The boys get in the Impala and Dean can't figure out which key to use. Then he puts the car in drive instead of reverse and nearly runs over a woman. Yikes! Sam responds with reprimanding Dean on being drunk on the job and tells him he needs to pull himself together. But Dean's feeling really woozy and he can't even see Sam right. Then he asks who Dean is. :(

Back at their motel room, Dean keeps saying he's fine and that if a witch came after him he'd be dead, not Dory. Hee! I love that Dean loves Dory! :)
Then Sam asks him to name all the members of Bon Jovi and he can't do it....he names his gun and his jacket and then the "light stick"? Yep, that's a lamp. Sam sticks a post-it on it. Dean tells him not to call Cas or mom yet.

Gah! I know nothing about card games so I never know what a winning hand is. *sigh*
Anyway, Rowena's playing poker with some guys (and winning) when Sam calls her about Dean's forgetfullness. We can see post-it all over the room now and Dean's excited over finding mini-Vodkas in the fridge. Oh, no! Rowena talks it out and suggests the best plan is to kill the witch. Sam hangs up and turns around, and no Dean! You had one job, Sam!

He looks outside and finally finds Dean with the ice bucket (also post-it note labeled) and trying to get into the wrong room. They decide to retrace Dean's steps from yesterday....starting out at the vic's office. He looks at the photos on the wall and stops when he sees the witch that pulled the whammy in the woods but then tells Sam he doesn't remember anyone. Sam says Dean went off to pick up burgers next so....Off to the local burger joints...

The third place and they find the gal from the waffle house....love this continuous shot as the boys convince her they're FBI agents and Dean was roofied! Dean apparently ate, drank, fired up the jukebox, and rode the mechanical bull, named Larry....and he was good! Hee! Love his pride at hearing that! Anyway Dean was supposed to meet this gal afterwards and he took off like his pants were on fire. Then she's all apologetic because he was roofied and she took advantage of him and Dean's all dayum, I can't remember a hot lay! LOL And Sam's asking about security cameras...

Dean: First action in, I don't know how long, and it's like it never even happened. Figures.
Sam: See, now that's comedy.

They see the woods witch leave out the back of the joint and Dean follows. Dean tries to read his own lips. LOL "Now salsa you mittens."
The guy flings Dean into the garbage and Sam wonders how Dean can't remember any of this. They go out back and Sam finds the bullet Dean fired off, labeled with a big W, for witches, I guess. Handy. Then Dean's phasing out again and Sam has to explain to him that witches, vampires, etc. are all real and they hunt them. Dean finally goes, "Awesome." Awwww.....Dean, baby.

Into the woods, where Sam is giving Dean the usual "talk" they have to give to civilians about their work. Dean thinks they're heroes. "And, our best friend's an angel! What???" LOL

They find the tree with the glyphs which Sam doesn't recognize. He's taking a photo to show to Rowena when Dean walks a little further and finds the witch dead behind a log. The boys no sooner leave and 2 other witches show up to view the body. They were with this witch, Gidian, in attacking the accountant. Now they know the boys are hunting them.....not good!

Ok, when did Sam take a photo of the dead witch??? I don't remember it. Nope! Backed it up and Sam didn't take a photo. C'mon show!

Rowena shows up and of course Dean doesn't recognize her...
So the glyphs were Druid....and I love how Sam distracts Dean with watching TV (Scooby Doo!) so he and Rowena can talk. She knew Giddian....and relates the story of the family....the 3 siblings and the book they have that can help Dean. Rowena says she can break the spell, but it would take time they don't have. Dean's going to die soon...he's already forgetting who he is, loved ones, then he'll forget how to swallow and.... :( Sam's face. *cries*

The boys are in the bathroom and Sam told Dean his whole life story and he can already feel it slipping away. Poor Dean looks so lost and beaten and Sam.....Damn, Jared! He's trying to stay hopeful for Dean, telling him they'll figure this out, but you can see the desperation. :(

Sam emerges from the bathroom and Rowena asks how Dean is and Sam responds with "Like you care." which I find a little cold. I mean if Rowena didn't care she wouldn't be there, Sam. Poor Sam....

Sam: You know, I've seen my brother die. But, watching him become, not him. This might actually be worse.

OMG Somebody give Jensen an Emmy already!!!!
Geez. That scene of him talking to himself in the bathroom mirror.....epic! So heartbreakingly sad as he quickly loses the simplest of memories. Who Cas is, his mom, Sam, himself.....just like that.

Alright, so Sam points out that Rowena is just after the book. Fair enough and she owes up to it right away. Sam's determined to go after the book solo, even though Rowena tries to tag along. He wants her to stay with Dean though and he can handle the siblings, he's got the witch-killing bullets after all.

Okay, who is the doll she's having Dean poke needles into??? Crowley, maybe? Wasn't it wearing a crown ala The King Of Hell? Hee!
And then Rowena's telling Dean about himself....he's a killer, but what he's done is for the greater good - and about herself....she's bad but seeing God and his sister fighting amongst themselves made her look at her life. Love her little "boop" on Dean's nose 'cause he won't remember any of this.

Sam's in the house and he calls Rowena so she can do the spell as soon as he finds the book. Uh, oh....the siblings knew he was coming. It's a trap, Sam!!!!
Soon they've got him on the floor, his ears bleeding from the noise from the gal's insect collection, and he's screaming and Dean's saying "Sammy?" like he always does because protecting Sam is so hardwired into his brain that he hasn't lost that and, OH BOYS!!!!!!!! :(

Dean wakes up in the woods, sitting in the Impala at night. Rowena drove the Impala!!!! She left him some notes and told him to stay.....yeah, bet that's not gonna work. Sam's tied to a chair again....and acting knocked out so he can listen to the siblings chat. Rowena just let herself in...and Katrina doesn't know who she is....at first.

Sam tries to convince the other guy not to do this....and then he finds out they're gonna switch souls between Sam and the dead witch! Katrina does remember Rowena....groveling on the ground begging to be let in their house to be in on their magic. And we've got a witch battle going on!

Dean, ever Dean.....decides to leave the car and check out the trunk. Love the No! Note on the Grenade Launcher! Poor Dean will never get to use that! LOL But there's notes pointing out his gun and the witch-killing bullets.

Yeah! Dean!!!!!! Love how he showed her the post-it note before shooting her. Hee!
Go Sam!!!! OMG Dean trying to figure out who to shoot but he takes Sam's word for it right away....dead witch! And the thumbs up. Heh.

Why wasn't Sam up in the room with them when Rowena did the spell? Would it have effected him in some way? Weird. Oh, boy....and they come down the stairs and Dean goes, "Who's this hippy?" before he and Rowena finally break and we see the spell worked, much to Sam's relief! Yeah, not too funny, Dean. Sam was really worried about you, dude. But it's good to see Dean smiling, genuinely smiling, and I think that's what makes Sam so forgiving. He's just happy that Dean's back to his old self. :)

Dean can't believe Sam called Rowena and Sam counters that he can't believe Dean rode Larry the mechanical bull.
Dean: "Hey, I was awesome on that bull. I was like a god!" Shame we never saw it. *sigh*
Heh, Sam wisely gets the book from Rowena, telling her they owe her a small one.

Sam admits to Dean that he was a little jealous, that Dean got to forget all the heavy weight they've carried since forever. But Dean says while that was good, he lost everything, Sam, their life. If that's happiness, he doesn't want it.

Nice shot of the Impala pulling out of the parking spot! :)
OMG We get to see Dean riding the bull!!!!! Yessssssssss!!!!!!!! Nice song choice. That was a sweet little montage.

Final Thoughts:

This is what SPN always does so, so well...mixing humor with sadness. What a great episode! Gave the guys some great stuff to work with and Jensen a chance to show a very different side of Dean. Expertly done! Carefree, happy, innocent, lost, sad. Much like his experience with the Jinn long ago, it wasn't a perfect life. Sure, the bad memories were gone, but Dean also forgot who Sam was, his family, his friends, and ultimately, himself. Jensen did an exquisite job of showing how empty Dean was not knowing/remembering....anything. Jared also did a beautiful job showing how worried and concerned Sam was as Dean was all too quickly slipping away. Those scenes where you could see his eyes red with tears that didn't fall....so sad. Bravo, Jared!

I still say, Rowena must have some caring for the boys. I mean once she saw the Druid glyph and knew about the book she didn't have to show up at the motel room at all. She could have gone after it all by herself. But she did show up and helped the boys. I do think working with them with the whole Chuck and Amara battle made her think differently of them. Plus, like her son, I'm sure she's seen how effective the Winchesters are against, well most things. So there's a healthy amount of respect for them. Anyway, I'm just saying, I don't think she was only looking out for herself in this instance!

Excellent episode! Can't wait for the next one. Looks like the show has turned a corner on the season and things are looking up. :)


Dean: “How do you feel about waffles? Dumb question, what psycho doesn’t love waffles? They’re fluffy, they got the little pockets filled with syrup, you just cover them with whipped cream.”

Dean: Right. Right. Yes, the Devil baby mama drama. Say that five times fast. Devil baby mama drama.

Dean: Okay One: The Rat Pack partied till the day they died and B: I can still kick your ass.

Sam: Listen, man, I know we haven't had it easy lately, this thing with the Devil's kid and getting tossed into west Guantanamo makes me want to hit the bottle too, sometimes. But, dude you're wrecked. And we got a case to work, so get it together, alright?

Dean: Dude, if a witch got a clear shot at me, I would be dead. I wouldn't be freckin' Dory.
Sam: Dory?
Dean: Not gonna apologize for loving that fish. Not to you, not to anyone.

Sam: This is serious. I think Dean's been hexed, okay. He's been forgetting things.
Rowena: Maybe he's drunk.
Sam: He's not drunk.

Rowena: From the neck down, is he smooth like a Ken doll?
Sam: I don't know, and I'm not checking either.

Dean: First action in, I don't know how long, and it's like it never even happened. Figures.
Sam: See, now that's comedy.

Dean: I'm trying to read my lips. Now salsa you mittens.
Sam: You can't read lips.
Dean: I can't read lips.

Dean: “Monsters are real and we’re the guys that kill them. I mean, come on, best job ever.”

Sam: Wait a second. So you can't break it?
Rowena: Well, of course I could. But, witchcraft this complex would take time, more than Dean's got. He's already begun to forget himself, everyone he's ever known, ever loved. Even you. Soon, he'll forget how to speak, how to swallow. Then, Dean Winchester is going to die.
Dean: Sucks for that guy.

Sam: You know, I've seen my brother die. But, watching him become, not him. This might actually be worse.

Dean: Okay. My name is Dean Winchester, Sam is my brother, Mary Winchester is my Mom and Cast-Cas is my best friend.

Rowena: “She sought refuge with a family of witches. All she wanted was a roof over her head and a safe place to hone her magic. Yet they threw her out like common trash, said she wasn’t up to snuff."
Dean: “These witches sound like dicks. I think you have plenty of snuff."

Rowena: “Though you may be a stubborn pain in the arse with the manners of a Neanderthal and the dining habits of a toddler, everything you’ve done you’ve done for the greater good.”

Catriona: Raggedy Anne.
Rowena: Excuse me?
Catriona: I remember you. A rag doll all huddled up on our doorstep. I swore I could see the fleas nibbling away at whatever the hell was left of that dirty little body of yours. And still, still you thought you were worthy of our magic. And when we disagreed. Oh, how you begged, how you threw yourself down and... offered yourself to each of us. Boyd almost took you up on it too, but then I told him it would be cleaner with the pigs.

Dean: Look at his face. Kinda like that time I ate all your Halloween candy. Classic.
Sam: Not funny.

Sam: You know I gotta be honest, I was actually a little jealous at first.
Dean: Of what? The curse that nearly killed me?
Sam: Nah, just you know. The things we've done. We've just had this weight for-forever, seeing it gone. You looked happy.
Dean: Well, look was it nice to drop our baggage? Yeah, maybe. Hell, probably. But, it wasn't just the crap that got lost, I mean it was everything. It was us. It was what we do, all of it. So, it that's what happy looks like, I think I'll pass.

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