raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess


Was preparing to post another set of Season 11 Hi-Res Caps and I looked at my Mediafire account and someone has already gone in there and downloaded the sets of caps 1103 thru 1106!


Was that necessary? I work hard to make these caps, fix them, upload them, and then post them on my own schedule. You couldn't wait until I post them to my Livejournal? You had to go digging around in my account and get the other sets early because you have no patience. Thanks a lot.

Guess I've learned my lesson. I will no longer upload files to Mediafire in advance, even though it was convenient for me. :(

If you'd just been a little patient, I was working on posting the sets (and will continue to do so). But I guess this one person felt they were entitled and deserved to get the cap sets before everyone else.

Color me disappointed. :(

I overreacted. I'm so very sorry.

Tags: adventures in screencapping, livejournal, rant
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