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First Impressions Review: 12x13 "Family Feud"

I get a bit rambly this time...hope you're ready for some reading. *g*

Six months ago in Andover, Mass....
Nice try music! I knew she wasn't going to die when she finally turned on the light in the closet. Ha!
Eeeek! Whoah! Ghost arms from under the bed. Nice!

Kelly Kline is still missing. Like that's news at this point?
OMG I love it when they're looking at the same laptop screen like this! *caps it*
Ooooh, a teacher's body was found at a museum, internal organs crushed.
The boys are thinking witch and Dean's thinking maybe mom will want to join them on this job.

Mary is busy taking down some sort of monster...and then using one of the BMOL toys on it quite effectively. And Ketch is there timing her! What is this, training? Of course Dean calls and Mary proceeds to lie through her teeth! In a motel room....bah! She tells him she's "still resting up after that whole Ramiel thing". Please, please tell me Dean senses she's lying 'cause this is terrible! Why is she doing this??? She should NOT be working with the BMOL at all! Why Mary????? :(
And Ketch tells her she's an excellent liar. *coughRIGHTcough*
Yeah, that was just your rogue agent, you and Mick are perfect angels and totally honest with what you're doing. *sticks fingers in ears* La, la, la!!!!! Don't believe you!!!!!

Crowley's got Lucifer in a different room, and still in chains....which apparently were specially made from the same material as his original cage. Ah. Nice. Of course, Crowley has something up his sleeve here, just like he did when everyone else thought they were sending Lucifer back to his cage. And he even new and improved Lucifer's vessel. Luci thanks Crowley, but even he's wondering what all of this is leading up to.

Boys on the road and Sam's found the death we saw in the teaser....so both the vics were teachers. Sam's wondering about mom being tired and Dean scoffs at it. Ah, ha! So he does suspect something. Meanwhile Sam's all....the job's a grind, you know that, she just needs some time. Yeah, right.

Yep, that's real Vancouver snow folks.....not Iowa. Hee!
Uh, oh....I think we're meeting another soon to be victim....
Whoah, this men's restroom is HUGE! Like, excessively huge. WTH? Why????
Anyway, soon there's cold air, the stall doors are banging, mirrors icing up, lights flickering, and the water faucet freezes. Run dude! Ooops, too late.

Ooooh, boys looking especially nice in those suits. Yum! :D
The EMF is going crazy so Dean's already guessing ghost, but Sam's not so sure.

Well, Kelly Kline at last....in a diner. Ordering OJ and the waitress pegs her as pregnant right away. Gives her the whole, your life is over once they're born bit and then says she'll love the "little devil". *shudders* Really, show? A little too bit on the mark IMO. Sheesh. OH! But then the waitress's eyes flash blue as she's walking away. An angel!

Dean....always touching the sharp objects....and then not being able to put them back properly. LOL! Is it just me, or is Jensen majorly pretty with this lighting? Yowzers! And then Sam gives him the what-the-hell-are-you-doing-we're-working-here look and Dean joins him. *g*
Sam's found an old ship....and the artifacts came from Andover, Mass....as he's reading about it Dean suddenly recalls something....Gavin McCloud! Yep, Crowley's kid. Hee!

Ok, so we join in on Lucifer laughing at Crowley's plan? Is that what happened? It's a weird place to come in on the scene. Why would Crowley tell him what he's got planned? Of course, Luci doesn't take him seriously...he'll stop Crowley, his offspring will, too. Crowley tries to say that the boys killed the baby already, but Luci can feel it and knows he's lying. The boys call Crowley's phone and he chews them out for letting Luci's offspring live. OH! I totally didn't catch that Crowley was in the dark about this....Dean mentions it too! LOL So he wasn't lying to Luci. He honestly didn't know they let Kelly get away. Ooops! Anyway, Dean wants Crowley to find Gavin 'cause Crowley owes them for not hunting Gavin down in the first place. Oh, boys...their faces. Hee! Crowley tells them to fix this mess and then maybe he'll turn Gavin over. And of course, Luci is listening to all of this....and he loves him and Crowley being single fathers. :P

Another student group, this time all girls, is leaving the museum. Look at all that pretty snow! Ghost action! But it slips a necklace in the teacher's pocket instead....weird.

So the boys meet Rowena at the now darkened museum. How does this work? They just snuck in there and didn't set off any alarms to have this meeting? Why??? Anyway, they tell her they suspect something from the ship The Star is tethering the ghost here and they need intel. Rowena's not interested, but the boys tell her there's a guy with first hand knowledge of the ship and they have something she'd "really like" in exchange for her help. Hmmmm....

Kelly's being followed....more snow! Soon she's surrounded by 2 angels, one the waitress. Demon! Wait! She flashed yellow eyes! She quickly kills the two angels and offers her help to Kelly. "Come with me if you want to live." Heh.

Ah! It's Dagon! I knew we'd get to see her! Well, I was hoping anyway.
Naturally, Kelly's a little spooked about beings flashing away before her eyes and all that. Dagon explains the people she killed were angels and they were trying to kill Kelly. Dagon tells her that the angels and Winchesters want to kill her, and her baby, but she'll protect them.

The boys meet Gavin's bus...they told him Crowley was sick and he came running. Heh. OMG Sam looks awesome in that red plaid shirt! O.o They show him a picture of The Star...what would have been his ship to America. Then they bring out Rowena...grandma! Nice little family reunion.
They go to the museum and Gavin reveals there was a teacher on board the ship. They have him look through a list of artifacts and he points out a locket that was his. He was going to give it to his girlfriend, Fiona. She was going to talk him out of taking the voyage....but of course Abaddon got there first and took him away. So they suspect Fiona went aboard the ship, thinking he was already there. Gavin's not too happy about his gf being a ghost. The boys try to find the locket, but of course, it's gone. Uh, oh....

OMG Look at all the pretty snow!!!!!! Sorry, but Vancouver has gotten a very unusual surplus of snow this winter, so this is a rare thing indeed. ;)
Ketch has driven Mary back to her motel. This looks like it was filmed at Riverview! The trees and those green pole lights kinda give it away. *g*
Ketch advises Mary to "dis-engage" herself from her sons and observes that she's different around them, softer. To Mary, family comes first....but to Ketch the MOL is his family. "But when you hunt, Mary. You're one of the best I've ever seen. You might play at being the good mummy. But when you're in the thick of it, nothing but a blade in your hand and blood in the air. That's the real you. The best you. And I think you know, and I think that scares the hell out of you."
Don't listen to him, Mary!!!!!!

Back at the museum and the boys are pointing out to the woman there that the locket is missing, which she says is impossible 'cause it's in a sealed case. They ask about any recent student groups in the museum and she mentions the one from the girls school....and off we go there....

Lights flickering! Ghost signs.....so who's going to die this time?
One down, one to go....whoah! Boys!!!!! With a saltgun!!!!!! Yeah! Oh, and Gavin and Rowena were there, too. :P

At least they saved the one gal's life. Now they've got to find out if it really is Fiona.
We see Gavin in the room, doing a spell....he soon gives that up and just asks to speak with her. And she appears! Very cool effects there as she sheds the dead look for the more younger, living one.
Okay, I don't know what lipstick they put on this gal, but it looks glittery. I mean, she's an old spirit...that's not the look she should have. Maybe it's just lip gloss, but it's catching the light like crazy! Poor choice, IMO and it's really distracting me. Should have gone with a nice matte lip product.
Anyhoo, the crew found her on the ship, mocked her, and used her...in all the wrong ways....and a teacher on board said she deserved it for throwing herself at Gavin. So she's been punishing other teachers.

Talking it all over with Gavin and Rowena....there's no way to burn Fiona's bones and destroying the locket might not work either. The boys come up with a solution....prevent Fiona from becoming an angry spirit in the first place. They send Gavin back in time, he sails with Fiona, and well, they die. Rowena doesn't like it, but Gavin's all for it. The people Fiona killed will live, and he'll be with his love for eternity. Crowley!!!!! He says no. Heh. "Just 'cause dim and dimmer here can't keep their own family all in the same dimension, doesn't mean they can mess with mine!" LOL
Gavin insists and then Rowena says Gavin is different than them, he believes in things and should do what is right. Gavin called Crowley to say goodbye, but his dad's insisting on stopping this. Rowena uses her magic though and the team slips out of the room. Nice shot of Rowena saying goodbye to Gavin and then him getting in the Impala and them driving away from the school.

Back at the Bunker and Sam's preparing the spell to send Gavin back in time - just like Henry and Abaddon used, but Rowena tweaked this spell for Gavin.
This is kinda sad...the boys are basically sending a good guy to his death. No wonder Dean's so uneasy about it. This is not what they normally do. :(
Aw, poor Gavin. I do hope this is "all for the best" as he tells the boys.
Whoah! It brought Fiona's spirit there and then they both went away. Cool! Loved the boys reacting to it all, too.

So all the teachers are alive and well, no Fiona ghost, and history, it seems, is back on track. Mary enters the Bunker, and Dean goes all dramatic with his reaction, giving her a rough time for being away so long, which Sam chides him about, heh. Aw, look at Sam's smile at Mary!
She brought burgers and beer so all is forgiven by Dean. *g*
Finally! She tells them the truth, that she's been working with the BMOL.
Yeah, they're not pleased.
She says she's been saving people, a lot of people...
Yeah, you know, I seem to recall hearing this sort of reasoning before....say, back in Season 4 or so when Sam was hopped up on demon blood thanks to Ruby and they were saving people then, too.

Heh, Dean is totally giving Mary "the face". :P

Sam: Mom, we have our own toolkit, and it works just fine. And for obvious reasons: broken ribs and burnt feet. We don't trust the Brits.
Dean: So where does that leave us?
Mary: Same as always. Family. Just hear me out, please.

What??? We're cutting away????? Why??????

Rowena's at the bus station and is soon joined by Crowley.....
We learn that sending Gavin to his death was all in payback for Crowley having Rowena kill her beloved Oscar to remove the MOC from Dean. She wanted Crowley to suffer losing his child like she did - since she loved Oscar like her son instead of Crowley. Ouch. These two, I swear....so much bitter blood.

Nice montage at the end..."Play With Fire" indeed. Heh.
Lucifer, Crowley, Mary trying to convince the boys, Dagon & Kelly, and then Lucifer saying Dagon. Uh, oh......

Final Thoughts:

Well, despite the track record of these writers, this episode wasn't too bad. I'm sure I'll find more fault with it down the road, but first impressions: it held up well considering there were 3 storylines. Sometimes SPN has trouble juggling that much, but it seemed to work this time.

I don't honestly know why Crowley is so upset over losing Gavin. It's been what? Three years since he was plopped in this century? And according to Gavin he's been alone this whole time. Past episodes have shown us that there wasn't any love between the two of them during Gavin's childhood either. Maybe Crowley was just waiting for a way to use Gavin for his own evil plans in the future? Who knows. But him being upset over his son dying again fell a little flat with me and being angry at Rowena at the end even more so.

The Kelly Kline stuff was a little boring, only because they're obviously setting things up for her in the near future. Nice seeing Lucifer again, as always.

Man, did the boys look nice in this ep! The clothes, the lighting....seemed like they were all perfect. *guh* Boys!!!!! :D

So happy Mary finally told the boys the truth. I think Ketch trying to separate her from them finally did the trick. I've been hearing a lot of Mary hate online lately and I don't like it. I'm glad she's back for the boys! And goodness knows she's not the first Winchester to make poor decisions. At least she's not lying to the boys anymore.

Alas, poor Gavin is dead again. :(
We never did find out what he's been up to for the past 3 years. I guess just learning how to live in a different time. But still, after so long a period, you're telling me him being on earth didn't effect anything??? I find that hard to believe. Sure, the teachers are all alive because Fiona never went evil ghost, but one could also ask why she took 3 years to kill anyone. Did it just take that long for her spirit to turn bad? I don't know...the whole 3 years thing really bugs me. If this was Star Trek someone would be having a fit over the space time continuum. I'm just sayin'!

Aaaaaand I guess I'm already finding faults with this ep. *sigh*
But I did enjoy it. I suppose everyone else hated it.
Shoot. On to next week!


Crowley: You'll resist at first. But the humiliation will eat you. Until finally, you're worn down by your utter helplessness. And you will call me master. You brag of your superior power, well genius trumps brute force. I've had a dozen of my most loyal studying the cage where you were held, at the molecular level. They managed to replicate the material and made those chains. Getting you here was another matter.

Dean: I don't know. I feel like something's going on with her and she's not talking about it.
Sam: Mom's hunting again. It's a grind you know that. She's just needs a little time, Dean. That's all.

Waitress: “Before kids, your life is yours. Once they show up, life as you know it is over."
Kelly: “Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the way this is gonna go."

Dean: Whoa. There's a lot of action in here. Okay, well I'm switching my vote from witch to ghost.
Sam: I don't know. EMF isn't that surprising in a museum, but they're always filled with ADHD spirits and their tethers, you know.
Dean: Okay. If our killer is a chain rattler, how we gonna figure out which one it is?

Lucifer: “I can still feel it, its heart, its power. It sort of makes me proud, a chip off the old ball of heavenly light if you know what I mean.”

Dean: Need a favor.
Crowley: You. need. You? Turns out beneath the whole moron facade, you and your brother are in fact morons! You let Lucifer's love child live.

Crowley: You and Bullwinkle fix this... mess before it hatches. Then, maybe, then we'll talk about my son.

Lucifer: Oh my Dad. I love that. You and I both single fathers. I could use a little dad advice right now. When do you let them date?

Dagon: I know you're scared, don't believe what you see in the movies. No one is born good or bad. It's all in the upbringing. This child, your child. He could save us all.

Gavin: How sick is he?
Sam: About that. We might have exaggerated a little bit.
Dean: Lied. We lied.

Gavin: “Grandmother? She can’t be alive."
Dean: “Well, technically dude, neither can you."

Mr. Ketch: This work, it's demanding and must come first. The Men of Letters is my family.
Mary: I'm sorry. Nothing comes before my family, not with me.
Mr. Ketch: Really? Or is that just what you want to believe. You're different when you talk to them. You're softer, weaker. Not an insult. Just an observation. But when you hunt, Mary. You're one of the best I've ever seen. You might play at being the good mummy. But when you're in the thick of it, nothing but a blade in your hand and blood in the air. That's the real you. The best you. And I think you know, and I think that scares the hell out of you.

Crowley: Never gonna happen. Just 'cause dim and dimmer here can't keep their own family all in the same dimension, doesn't mean they can mess with mine!
Gavin: Father, I want to do this.
Crowley: What you want is a gym membership. Happy hour at Hooters and Cubs tickets. None of which are available anywhere else but here.

Rowena: “He’s not like us. He believes in things. Let him do what he believes is right.”

Mary: There's no easy way to say it, so I'm going to say it. I have sort of been working with the British Men of Letters.
Sam: You, um, what? Mom... we, um, we have a history with them.
Mary: I know, Sam. And it was a hard decision. But they are doing good work, I helped them save people. A lot of people. We can learn from them. Don't give that face.

Sam: Mom, we have our own toolkit, and it works just fine. And for obvious reasons: broken ribs and burnt feet. We don't trust the Brits.
Dean: So where does that leave us?
Mary: Same as always. Family. Just hear me out, please.

Crowley: So it was all drivel you were spewing about Gavin doing the right thing?
Rowena: It was the right thing. Maybe for Gavin. Certainly for me. It allowed me to watch you suffer the loss of a child.
Crowley: Payback.
Rowena: I'm your Mother dear. Who better to crush your shriveled heart.

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