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Just a couple of quickie things...

I've dealt with the earlier capping issue with the size/resolution of some of my cap sets. Thank goodness for a great online Batch Photo Resizer. Woot! The easiest ones to re-upload were the Season 11 Hi-Res Caps.

I've edited the SPN Hi-Res Caps: 11x04 "Baby" post so it has the new download links, sample caps, and everything with the correct size caps. Please be sure to re-download them if you did before and download them the first time if you didn't. :)

As for the other cap sets that needed re-sizing...they were the Season 12 Highlight Caps and re-uploading them is a little more complicated. Mainly 12x02 is the problem. Grrrrr. I swear, that episode's caps have given me so much trouble! I mean, there's over 800 caps for 12x02. o.O That's just....wrong. LOL For Highlights anyway. Too many!!! So I'm going to save them, as regular Episode Caps, but I'll go through and select caps to make a new, smaller set of 12x02 Highlight Caps. Then I'll be able to re-upload them and we can get back to posting the Season 12 Highlight Caps. I hope that all makes sense. :P

Now onto the other matter...

Has anyone ever deleted all their LJ userpics/icons and re-started from scratch?

I'm seriously thinking of doing this. I keep looking at my userpics and I'm just bored to death with so many of them. It's not that I don't like/love them, it's just that a lot of them have been in use for years. So I'm thinking a total refresh is in order, but I'm kinda freaked out about it, too. I know all my old posts will revert my default userpic, which I guess I'm okay with. It's just...dumping them all in one swoop. Eeek! But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it'll be freeing and rejuvenating for me. Anyway, let me know what you think and if you've ever done it.

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