raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

SPN Season 12 Highlight Caps Re-sized!!!!

Yes! I've finally fixed all the problem Season 12 Highlight Caps!
This means that the caps are now at the correct resolution of 1280x720 instead of 1280x738.

The post for 12x01 Highlight Caps was originally correct, so those are just fine.

Instead of deleting the old posts, I just edited the posts for 12x02 & 12x03, inserting new links and Sample Caps.
So please feel free to go back and re-save or download from those posts. :)

Btw, I re-sorted/re-did the Highlight Caps for 12x02 because there were simply way too many (over 800)! It's now a much more manageable number of caps: 320.

SPN 12x02 Highlight Caps

SPN 12x03 Highlight Caps

Hurray! Now I can resume posting for Season 12! Woot!!!!

Tags: adventures in screencapping, livejournal, supernatural
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