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First Impressions Review: 12x16 "Ladies Drink Free"

Okay, the boys are back! Wheee!!!! :D
I've only watched the ep once, but it took me like, 3 hours because I was drooling over Jensen (and a little bit of Jared) every 5 minutes. Hee! *g*

Girl leaves the Lucky Badger Ale House, texting....uh, oh....boyfriend calling her a liar on her whereabouts - which she is. Oooooh! Busted!!!! Heh.
Pretty shot of them walking in the snowy woods at night. Yeah, this is totally safe.
Ah, it's her brother, not boyfriend.
I love how she brings up the whole horror movie trope of 2 kids walking in the woods at night and getting attacked. :P
Ha! He totally fell for her little trick and she's going back to the bar.
Of course she's the one to get attacked and not him.
Whoah!!!!! Did not expect creepy dude in black and a skeleton mask to be RIGHT THERE! Wow! Right through his chest. Ouch.

Oooooh....the boys are in BMOL Central.
And Dean's tired of waiting....and the whole "reporting for duty, crap". Heh.
Hello, Mick!
He's got the file on the teaser vics.....brother is dead, but the girl's still alive.
Sam points out werewolves usually don't leave anyone behind alive like that.
Mick knows all about werewolves, having been trained at the BMOL's own school: Kendricks. Interesting. It has the largest collection of occult lore in the world. Love Sam's enthusiastic "Cool!" and then Dean's disapproving glare. LOL :P
So they're looking for a pureblood and Dean deems it a milkrun. Mick wants to come along. At least he finally admitted the only reason he's still alive is thanks to Sam and Mary. He wants to be ready....for whatever comes next.

Dean's all "he's dead weight", but Sam's arguing on Mick's behalf. They're getting things done, so they should work together. Dean still doesn't like it and assigns Sam as Mick's babysitter. Heh.

Poor Dean having to put up with Mick and Sam digging through lore and such.
The BMOL haven't dealt with a werewolf since the 1920s.
Uh, oh.....Sam brings up that not all werewolves need to be killed, that they have a buddy who controls it and just eats beef hearts. Mick's shocked at that, saying werewolves know nothing but killing. "Monsters don't just stop being monsters."

Fancy schmancy digs to stay in as far as the boys are concerned, but Mick complains about only getting a 3-star place. Sam's face at the separate rooms/suites....aw, he doesn't wanna be away from Dean. :(
Meanwhile, Dean's excited about all the free amenities - tells Sam to grab the bags and goes in and grabs some candy! Hee!

The next morning and Dean's all spoiled by the fancy lodge, mints on the pillows and a dip (NAKED!) in the pool. Now why didn't we get THAT scene??? Hee! Darnit!
Sam was busy reading the BMOL lore all night. They were working on a werewolf cure, but it didn't work.
Heh, Dean's back to complaining with Mick around. Whispers to Sam that he doesn't want to give him the satisfaction. :P

After the boys effectively leave Mick outside the girl's (Hayden's) hospital room 'cause they know how to talk to grieving families, they get shot down by her mom and Mick steps right in with a doctor's coat and takes over!
OMG Jensen's facial expressions are off the chart in this ep! :D
Actually, this works out pretty well. Mick gets to look at the girl's wounds and the boys are out in the hall talking to her mom.
The mom talks about some crazies coming around, asking questions, including a blonde girl with an attitude. Heh.
Uh, oh....Mick finds a bite wound.

What????? Mick just out and out lied to the boys. Saying she wasn't bit!!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!

Claire!!!!! :D
Uh, oh....Jody's texting. More lies! *sigh*
Her phone rings....her other, other phone. Heh.
It's Dean, doing this crazy voice! And Claire totally knows it's him.
Was that actually Jensen?? 'cause it didn't sound like him at all! Whoah!

Hee! Mick meets Claire....and Dean doesn't want to explain who he is. Dean also takes away Claire's beer. Heh. She's been on the case a day and found out Hayden's story was a complete lie like the boys learned from her mother. Claire has a gift of talking to bartenders....but this one was a scumbag, tat, motorcycle, and grabby, which raises Dean's alarms. Claire said she can handle herself. I do love protective Dean!
All of a sudden, Mick calls it a night and leaves.
Hmmm....was Claire maybe talking about Mr. Ketch there with the motorcycle? Hmmmmm???
Claire says their foreign exchange student is totally lame and Dean says Mick is Sam's best friend and they're "nerd soul mates". LOL He's kinda right, Sam. :P
Aw, I love the boys being all concerned about Claire. It's sweet.
Sam realizes she hasn't had a hot cooked meal that wasn't microwaved at a Gas N Sip and Dean hands her a menu and says it's on Harry Potter aka Mick. Hee!

Ah, Mick goes back to the hospital to....kill Hayden. He's got a syringe of something, but she turns and attacks! He manages to stab her in the heart though. As he walks away, with scratches on his shoulder, Hayden's mom enters the room and screams. Geez.

Next morning and our team is at the hospital, talking to the examiner about Hayden. Yeah, not a heart attack. Sam finds that strange.
She had wounds on her arms and now they're gone.
Oh, yeah.....Mick's gonna have to cover his tracks here!
Dean already is pointing to his lie about Hayden not being bitten.
Mick says he must have missed it. Yeah, right!
They figure that whoever attacked Hayden knew her and let her be turned.

Sam and Claire are off to the school to talk to Hayden's friend that she was supposed to be with that night. But Claire ditches Sam to go in alone 'cause he's "an old skeezer" and the kids won't want to talk to him. Hee! Poor Sam!

Dean and Mick head to the bar and Mick apologizes for messing up and Dean warns it better not happen again.
Okay, why can't Mick open the door??? WTH?
Something is going on....
They show the bartender Hayden's picture and he denies knowing her.
Dean: "Yeah, I'd lie if I served underage girls, too."
The guy admits Hayden's been there more than once, hanging out with the other bartender, Connor....they have a thing.
Hello, Connor! Ah, he's the guy Claire talked to. Got the tat and everything.
Geez, this guy is such a loser. Bleh. Hanging out with high school girls. Ew.
But he denies everything, he didn't even see Hayden leave that night.
Then Dean asked him what he did later that night and the guy is shifty.
Then Dean turns and asks Mick what he did last night as an example and Mick is terrible at lying! OMG if Dean doesn't see through this...
The long pause....HELLO!
The Great British Bake Off. Ha!
Yeah, Mick....that look? That's Dean Winchester judging you!
Connor again, denies he did anything to Hayden....he just went home.
Then Dean brings up Claire...."You ever touch her again, I'll break your face."
Woot!!!!! Badass Dean!!!!! Love it!!!! :D

Mick and Dean go outside and Dean knows Mick's been lying.
Yeah!!!! "What did you do to her?" Ooooh, I need that cap! *guh*
Mick admits to injecting the girl with silver nitrate and killing her.

Dean: You had a choice!
Mick: Did I? Killing monsters is what we do. Or maybe paling around with demons and witches you've forgotten.
Dean: Don't tell me how to do my job!

Oooooh! I'm loving this ep so far! Badass Dean all over the place!!! *glees* :D
Mick says it's just that simple, kill the monsters, that's what they're supposed to do.

Dean: I used to think the same thing. Here's a little tip. Things aren't just black and white out here.

He brings up the psychic girl from earlier in the season that they spared and Ketch later killed. Mick says they can't work that way, 'cause the BMOL have a "code". Dean points out that now Hayden's mom has to bury two kids instead of one.

Back to Sam and Claire...
She found out Hayden was seeing an older guy but he was a stalker and it scared her so much her friend leaked the info. to Hayden's brother.
Then Sam asks why Jody thinks Claire is looking at colleges in Madison. Ooops!
He didn't tell on her though.
Claire says they tried hunting, but she ended up stuck in the car while Jody did everything. Sam says she's taking it slow.
One thing leads to another and then Claire is upset about the boys diving in on her all the time like they care and Sam counters that they do and then she says she's not a stupid kid and Sam says to stop acting like one and that was going too far, Sam. Claire storms off alone.
That can't be good....

Oh, man! I knew it! Claire, that's a really small knife.
Scary dude bites her!!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!

Aw, Sam to the rescue! A little late though, the guy's long gone. Poor Claire is scared and bleeding on the ground. Sam hugs and comforts her. :(

Back at the lodge and Claire's burning up, Dean wants to cool her down, but Mick says to keep her warm and Sam's totally done with Mick for killing Hayden. Go, Sam!
Claire doesn't want to live like this, even being locked up a few nights each month....she doesn't want to hurt anyone...Jody, Alex.
Sam brings up the BMOL blood therapy cure, but Mick repeats that it didn't work. Sam says 1 out of every 9 test subjects were cured. But it was on mice.
Okay, I'm seriously distracted in this scene by Jensen's smoldering face. *guh*
They only tested one human subject who died in agony.
Okay, how do we know Mick's telling the truth here?
Claire seems willing to give it a try and Dean says she doesn't get a vote in this.

Claire: It's my life. I get all the votes.

Dean looks to Sam to back him up, but he's siding with Claire here.
Looks like they're going to go for it...they need live blood from the werewolf that bit Claire.
They figure it's Connor at the bar.
Mick says they've gotta do this before she turns and feeds in less than an hour.
They leave Mick with Claire, with the understanding that if anything happens to her, he's a dead man. Damn right.

Yeah!!!! Man! This is epic Dean badassness! Grabbing Connor from behind. *guh*
Sam touches his hand with a silver knife and....nothing. Dammit.

Oh, Claire's bite wound heals....She wants Mick to shoot her.
But he doesn't, even though everything he knows says he should....that Ketch would.
He tells Claire he'll restrain and sedate her....for his protection. Heh. And when she wakes up this will all be over.
Claire wants to call Jody.... :(

Gah! Werewolf dude!!!!
He knocks out Mick and we see who he is...it's the other bartender!
He knocks out Claire too.

The boys return to Claire gone and Mick just getting up.
Dean goes right for Mick's throat. Damn, Jensen!
Mick says he tried to stop him, but he put a tracker on Claire. Ah! Smart.
Mick: You can kill me later, after we find Claire.

We're at the bartender dude's place where he's got Claire tied up.
He says not everyone survives being bitten, but if you do it's a great high times a thousand.
Oh...this guy's pack were peaceful then the BMOL showed up with their fancy weapons and took out 20 of them at once.
Oh, no...he's going to feed her a heart. Don't do it Claire!!!!!
He says he knew she was like him....then she spits the heart he forced into her mouth back at him. "Wrong. I have a family and they love me." Go, girl!
Boys!!!! Uh, oh....she's turned anyway.
Great fight scene here.
OMG Dean's not wearing his usual blue jeans! They're grey! *iz easily distracted by Jensen tonight*
And Mick shoots the dude with...something just as he's about to attack Dean after throwing him into a closet.
Oh, he got the guy's blood!
They're trying to hold off Claire....hurry Mick!
He injects her....

Oh, geez....now they're just watching & waiting as Claire writhes in pain, snarling. :(
Dean has to go out and get some air....he can't watch this.
But she calms down soon after he leaves and Sam calls him back inside.
Oh, no.....
But she's okay!!!!! :D
Claire: "You guys look like crap."

The group is leaving the lodge and Mick says Claire is a walking miracle.

Dean: Thanks for the win back there.
Mick: So we're good?
Sam: Not quite. But we'll give you a second chance.
Dean: Just don't mess it up, there won't be a third.

Darn right! Glad the boys are being smart about dealing with the BMOL.
Claire says her goodbyes and Sam asks if she'll tell Jody, but she doesn't know. Dean says they'll back her up.
Then we see her calling Jody and leaving a message....that she's been hunting alone but she has to do it on her own for a little while. She even calls Jody her mother. Awwww. :) And we see her hugging the boys goodbye, too.

So glad they kept Claire alive!
[Spoiler (click to open)]Hey, does this mean we'll see more of Claire & Jody & Alex in Season 13??? Yay! :D

Final Thoughts:

Okay, I really enjoyed this ep and based on the fact that I was less than impressed with this writer's first SPN script, that's a big deal. So she's redeemed herself in my book.

I have hope for Mick...he seems like a good guy who was just unprepared to be...a hunter instead of a MOL scholar. It's fine to have the knowledge, but if you're going to be in the monster's backyard you'd better be prepared to defend yourself. I'm glad the boys are willing to give him another chance. If they can just break through his training he might prove himself helpful. Since he was willing to help to save Claire instead of kill her gives me hope for him.

So happy that Claire is alive to fight another day. :)

Uh, yeah...that's all I've got because I'm still drooling over how amazing Jensen looked the entire. damn. episode. Goodness! Have I capped the hotness? Why, yes...yes, I have. *g* Couldn't resist. So half my brain is still mush right now thanks to Jensen. Jared didn't look half bad either. ;)

Another new ep next week. Eeeee!!!!! :D


Hayden: “Have you, like, never seen a horror movie? Two kids, dark road, creepy noise in the woods. We keep walking and…BOOM!”

Dean: No, you know what? Getting jobs from these dicks is one thing, but I didn't sign up for this 'reporting for duty' crap.

Mick: My report to the home office ran long. We've had our hands full since...[looks at blood stain on floor] Well, best not to dwell on that.
Dean: “Wow, that is some world-class repression. You are British.”

Sam: Mick's inexperienced, sure. But, these people have some serious knowledge.
Dean: So? Dude, what we do? You can't learn this crap in a book. You put on a flannel, you pick up a gun, you go out there. Either you get good fast or you get dead faster.
Sam: We're working with these people now and we're getting wins. We're saving people. The better they are, the better we are.

Dean: Man. Those pillows, right? The little chocolates they put on them? I mean, I'm ruined, Sam. Those limey sons of bitches ruined me. I even took a swim this morning.
Sam: You brought a swimsuit?
Dean: No.

Mick: So, how were your accommodations lads?
Dean: I've had better nights sleep in my Baby.

Dean (on the phone to Claire): Oh thank God! There's a bear. It's the size of a freakin' tank. I think it wants my pic-a-nic basket.

Claire: "So, your foreign exchange student is totally lame."
Dean: “He’s Sam’s best friend. They’re like nerd soulmates.”

Dean: So you like high school girls, do you? You get older, they stay the same age.

Dean: You had a choice!
Mick: Did I? Killing monsters is what we do. Or maybe paling around with demons and witches you've forgotten.
Dean: Don't tell me how to do my job!

Dean: Well, here's a tip. Things aren't just black-and-white out here. All you have is a case in front of you, like Hayden. Like a few months ago, there was this kid, this psychic. She was killing people, but she didn't mean to hurt anyone, she was being abused. So we gave her a second chance, because it was the right thing to do.
Mick: Well, that's you luxury. We have a code.

Claire: You know what? Screw you. I'm so sick of you guys dive-bombing my life, acting like you care.
Sam: We do care.
Claire: Then stop treating me like a stupid kid.
Sam: Then stop acting like one.

Mick: I know a man that would shoot you right now, without a moments thought. And every instinct I have, says he's right. That I ought to do my duty. But... but my instincts haven't been so grand as of late. Sit down. Okay, here's what we're gonna do. Firstly, we're gonna restrain you, for my protection. And then we're gonna sedate you, also for my protection. When you wake up, this'll all be over.

Claire: Right. Eat me, Teen Wolf.

Dean: Thanks for the win back there.
Mick: So we're good?
Sam: Not quite. But we'll give you a second chance.
Dean: Just don't mess it up, there won't be a third.

Sam: Hey, how you feeling?
Claire: Honestly, sorta craving a Milk-Bone right now.

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