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Why the hate, fandom?

Since when did Claire Novak become the most hated character on SPN?

All over my Friends Page I've seen nothing but warnings on reviews of last night's SPN, telling people to stay away if they like Claire. So I've barely read any of them as I normally do. In fact, I only know of one person online anywhere: LJ or Twitter, that seems to like Claire as I do.

Was last night's episode really that horrible?
Should we start banning Kathryn Newton from cons now because her SPN character is so hated by the fandom?

I'll admit, at first I didn't think much of Claire, but she's really grown on me over the seasons. It especially helps that the boys have taken her under their wings, so to speak. I felt that when Claire mentioned her family last night, that she was including Sam and Dean. And it's obviously that they care about her. Dean was in full-on protective mode in the ep.

I just don't get the overwhelming hate.
She's not a love interest for the boys, so where is this coming from?

I've heard the word annoying to describe her. Well, she's a teenager and she's got anger issues. She lost her parents, so I think it's understandable. Goodness knows the boys have had to work through their own internal pain and anger over the years.
She's also pretty smart. She was right about there being a case in Season 11 when the boys dropped in on Jody's place and there were vampires closing in on Alex and she kept the boys on track in last night's help when they were getting distracted by Mick.

I was thinking about the two sides of the same coin in relationship to Claire and Alex.
Claire had a normal life that was taken over by the supernatural and Alex was raised in the supernatural world. Now Alex only wants a nice, quiet, normal life (going to nursing school, apparently) and Claire seeks the excitement of hunting. I still think that Claire sees hunting as more romantic and idyllic than it really is, but she's still helping people and saving lives. I think that if she doesn't insist on going totally alone with it, she could turn into a great hunter. I get that Jody and the boys, would like her to go to college and be normal, but it's obvious that (for now) she doesn't want that kind of a life. She's obviously got things to work out due to losing both her parents in supernatural ways and that's what is motivating her to kill monsters.

Thanks for reading if you got this far. I just had to vent my frustrations out.

Edit: And I just came across this on my Twitter timeline. WTF????
Since when was Tessa a fan-favorite??? I might have to stay away from Twitter/all things online for the next few days until all this Claire hate dies down. Thanks a lot SPN Family. :(

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