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First Impressions Review: 12x19 "The Future"

Okay, I didn't watch the ep until quite late, and I'm sick with a cold so...well, I tried my best.

Geez, now Dagon’s force-feeding Kelly vitamins. Why??? Does the nephilim really need them? And if Kelly’s gonna die when it’s born, why worry about her vitamin intake?

Oh, she’s gonna kill herself! o.O

Sam doing a ton of research in the Bunker…ah, so he’s figured out when Kelly will be giving birth. May 18th. Heh. Season Finale date!
Hello, Cas! Yeah, Dean’s pissed. “No bars. That’s his excuse. Wow.”
He tells the boys he was working with the angels in Heaven. Well at least he was truthful. He thought he could help with Kelly when Dagon captured her. Sam’s all happy but Dean’s still bitter about Cas being gone when they needed him. Typical Dean reaction really. And he leaves the room…

Cas enters Dean’s room to return an audio tape??? Deans Top 13 Zepp Traxx. Hee! Wait, does the pick-up truck have a tape deck. ‘Cause how did you listen to that, Cas? Don’t know there’s too many tape decks around anymore. Besides the one in the Impala. Tape decks in Heaven???
Then Dean tells him it’s a gift and you keep those, hands it back.
Cas admits he keeps screwing up….well, yeah and you just did it again as Dean is pointing out. You have to keep in touch, man!
Uh….when was Dean “taken”??? What??? Is he talking about when Dean was a demon??? Dude, why would that be on you???
Yes, Kelly taking off was totally on you, Cas. Don’t know what you’re talking about Dean though. Is there an alternate universe going on this season where another Dean was abducted on Cas’s watch? I’M CONFUSED!!!!!
Dean admits they had Kelly, too and lost her. Yep.
Cas is wondering if Sam or Dean could kill the Nephilim. Dean says they’ll find a way, another way. Hee! I love Dean calling Cas a "dumbass". *g* “Let’s go Team Free-Will.” YES!!!!!!!! \0/
Too much touchy-feeling crap….Dean needs a beer. :P

Dagon comes downstairs and…..only finds the tub full of bloody water!
She finds Kelly in the corner….yep, the child saved her.

Back at the bunker and Dean tells Sam to give it a rest for a while - get some sleep. Awww...
Sam says maybe they’ve been tracking the wrong thing - they need to track the Nephilim instead of Dagon.
Oh! Nice shot of the boys at the table there. I like! :D
Whoah! Sam’s got this crazy idea that Cas could extract the angelic grace from the Nephilim and then it’ll just be a normal kid. Uh…. How Sam?
Oh, c’mon guys! You can’t possibly think it’s gonna be that easy! First you have to find Kelly and then you think you can just extract the grace from a fetus and it’s gonna be all-okay??? I bet not.

Dean’s so excited he goes to wake up Cas, but his room is empty. Uh, oh….

Kelly’s thinking her baby is good ‘cause it saved her, but Dagon’s all….NOPE! That thing’s evil and it’s gonna kill you when it’s born ‘cause it doesn’t care at all and I’m gonna be there to raise it.

Cas, WHAT THE HELL?????? Why would you steal the Colt and give it to the angels????
There’s only 2 bullets left - one for Dagon and one for Kelly.
Dean’s calling…of course Cas doesn’t answer. Three missed calls. Dean is gonna be SUPER PISSED, Cas.
So Cas is going along with Joshua’s plan, but he’s doing it to keep the Winchesters away from this mess and to keep them safe from Dagon. Oh, Cas….you mean well, but this is not a good idea.
“I will kill this girl…so that Sam and Dean don’t have to.”
Oh, geez they know where Dagon and Kelly are. Showtime.
But we still have weeks until the 18th!!!!

This is not gonna work…it’s just not.
Nope, Cas missed the shot. That’s one bullet down.
Really, Cas….you’ll be able to shoot Kelly just like that? After all you’ve done and seen over the years?
Ha! Nope…he took off with her instead.

Yep, Sam can’t get a hold of Cas either.
Oh, damn….The Colt wasn’t locked up in the safe, Dean had it under his pillow. “I like to keep it close.” Awww… *g*
Dean’s all ready to find Cas and then “kick his feathered ass”! Hee!

Kelly thanks Cas for not killing her but he’s all “I failed again” and is just trying to put distance between her and Dagon. Take her back to the Bunker, Cas!!!!! Do the right thing and go to the boys!!!!

Dagon’s talking to Lucifer and trying to cover-up losing “the container”. Really??? Geez. You can’t at least call her the mother??? But Luci sees right through the lie. And he knows Castiel took her. He is NOT HAPPY! Threat, threat, threat! You’d better find her, Dagon.

No, Cas! He was getting orders from Joshua. He’ll take Kelly to Heaven and she’ll die along with the baby. It’ll be quick and painless. Yeah, but I don’t think this baby is going to be that easy to kill, Cas.
And now the truck won’t start. Coincidence???

So Dagon’s torturing the other angel dude for info on where Cas took Kelly and he’s not talking. Blah, blah, blah. I did like the WWCD (What Would Castiel Do) thing though. *g*

Well, at least Kelly & Cas were right by a motel when the truck decided not to start. Convenient!
OMG Cas is actually looking up online “How to fix a truck” LOL!
Ah, ha! Kelly finally confesses that she tried to kill herself. And then the baby saved her.
That was the pulse they felt in Heaven. Kelly’s all, but my baby’s good and pure!
Cas says the baby just needs her alive.

Castiel: No it isn't. I used to believe in a plan. I used to believe I had a mission. But I've been through enough now to know that everyone is just winging it. Some of us quite badly. Lucifer, he's just breaking toys. He's sowing destruction and chaos and there is no grand purpose at work. And there is no special role for you. When Lucifer took over Rooney's body, you were just there.

She’s still convinced the baby will be good for the world.
Cas points out that after she dies who will protect the child and keep him on the righteous path?
Aw, and then she lets Cas feel the baby kick.
Whoah! Her eyes went all yellow!!!! WTH WAS THAT????
I think the Nephilim was looking at Cas through her eyes and realizing that Cas is protecting her.

Ah, the boys have arrived! Dean’s not happy! He’s all ready to beat up Cas when Sam pulls his attention away from angel whooping and back on Kelly.
Sam put a tracking app on Cas’s phone? Uh….why were they busy calling him endlessly then? I mean, even since he was just at the Bunker? *sigh* Continuity!!!!
Yeah, Dagon’s tough to kill…let’s move on.
Cas tells the boys he was trying to keep them safe and Dean says they don’t need a babysitter.
Dean: “And when in our whole lives have we ever been safe?” Truth.
Cas says this is his responsibility and his plan. LIE!!!! You’re following Joshua’s PLAN!
He’s taking Kelly to Heaven, her and her baby have to die. Sam says, no dude….we can extract the grace from the Nephilim and it’ll just be a baby. Cas says when he did that to Sam it nearly killed him, but Sam’s all, but it didn’t! We can make this work! Dean points out there’s a few kinks, but it beats death. Kelly’s all…NO! And out the door…So Sam’s still trying to convince her of the plan but she’s all You’ll Take Away What Makes My Baby SPECIAL! OMG woman! You know who the father is!!!! WAKE UP!!!! Life and normal baby beats Lucifer's child and death!!!!!
LOL Dean’s right with me on this and I love it! “Okay, this girl has lost her mind.” :D
So the boys finally convince Cas and Kelly to get in the Impala and go back to the Bunker to talk and….wait for it….WE'LL FIGURE IT OUT. The old Winchester motto. Okay, not that old, but close enough. :P
Really, Dean locked the Impala???
Oh, geez…..why did you toss the keys up front, Cas??? And what the hell are the boys still talking about??? They’re in the friggin’ car. Let’s GO!!!!!
Aaaaannnndddd, Kelly’s taking off in the car with Cas in the backseat!!!!!
Right now Bobby is looking down at the boys from heaven and screaming “Idjits!!!!!”

Oh, boy….Kelly says the baby chose Castiel, that if she goes to the gate of Heaven that Cas would make sure he was born. She knows Cas will protect the baby. Ah! So that explains that vision she had….we haven’t seen that yet.

Sam: “How did this happen?”
Well, you boys were idiots and were talking about who knows what while you let Cas and Kelly just get in the Impala. It’s pretty simple.
Oh! He’s talking about Cas. :P
Meanwhile, Dean is trying to fix Cas’s truck and grousing about it.
Dean’s right….Cas is really desperate for a win with his current track record. It’s no wonder he’s grasping at anything. Well, at least Dean acknowledges that Cas is trying.
And of course the truck works now. Dean is Mr. Goodwrench. ;)

Cas and Kelly are at the sandbox Heaven Gate place…
Joshua appears to welcome them…Gah! It’s Dagon instead!!!!
Oh, geez…Cas is getting his ass kicked. Yeah, you should have the Colt right now. *sigh*
Boys!!!!! Shoot her Dean!!!!! Gah! Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!
She broke the COLT! :(
Kelly takes Cas’s hand and…oh! Something’s happening! The baby is like transferring power from her to Cas! Yes!
Goodbye Dagon!!!!! She dies in fire and smoke.
Cas is all healed, too.
The boys are wondering what just happened. Cas says it was him, but it was also the unborn baby.
Cas heals Dean’s arm.
He knows now the baby must be born with all his power. He’s been so lost, but now he’s not.
The boys don’t want Cas just taking off after this, they want to figure out what’s going on.
But Cas isn’t having any of that, they have to trust him and he knocks both of the boys out! Gah!!!!
Cue the sad music! This is a bad sign!!!!
He and Kelly get in the truck and Cas says the Nephilim didn’t tell him, he showed him…the future.
This can’t be good!!!!

Final Thoughts:

Well, I'm not sure how I feel about this episode, really. It wasn't really boring. It kept a pretty good pace, but there was some stupid things done by Cas and the boys. *sigh* We no sooner got the Colt back and now it's broken! *double sigh* But hey, they tore the Colt apart before and put it back together again. Maybe it can be fixed??? *iz hopeful* At least Dagon's dead, but now Cas is on the nephilim's happy juice and who knows what's going through his head! Gah!!!

I mean we've only seen one nephilim in the show's history and she was killed before we got really find out who she was (except a seemingly nice and normal person). But the angels have always killed them off, so there's gotta be a reason, right? They're seen as abominations that can destroy the earth? And I'm guessing one fathered by Lucifer himself has gotta be extra bad. I'm kinda scared that Cas is leading things down a very bad road here! o.O

Despite that, I have no idea where we're headed in these final episodes (even with reading all the spoilers/ep descriptions). I wish I had more thoughts to express, but it's super late and I'm still processing all of this episode. Maybe later on...

It wasn't bad, it wasn't great, it was just sort of...what it was. *sigh*
Dean's hair looked AMAZING! *g*
Okay. Onto next week!


Kelly: He's gonna kill me.
Dagon: Yeah. And he's not gonna stop there. Every sad, weak human. Every tight-ass angel, every sniveling demon. They'll all be consumed. So go ahead, play your games. For whether you're healthy or sick, filthy or clean. He will be born. Good times. But until then, do us both a favor. Take a bath.

Castiel: Dean, I just keep failing. Again and again. When you were taken, I searched for months and couldn't find you. And then Kelly escaped on my watch and I couldn't find her. And I just... wanted it. I needed to come back here with a win for you... for myself.
Dean: You think you're the only one rolling snake eyes here? Me and Sam, we had her. We had Kelly and we lost her.

Dean: “You, me and Sam, we’re just better together. So now that you’re back, let’s go, Team Free Will. Let’s get it done.”

Dagon: “You get the chance to be Mary of Nazareth, Part 2: Evil Jesus Edition.”

Kelvin: You're doing the right thing, you know? Committing to Joshua's plan, putting angel kind above the Winchesters. I mean your reputation in Heaven-
Castiel: This has nothing to do with my reputation. I am doing this for the Winchesters, I-I stole the Colt to keep them out of this mission and keep them safe from Dagon. And I... I will kill this girl so that Sam and Dean don't have to.

Dean: Well, I say we find him and kick his feathered ass.
Sam: Dean, Cas wouldn't have taken the Colt if he wasn't going up against something big.
Dean: Okay, I say we find him, figure out what's going on and kick his feathered ass.

Lucifer: Here's another promise for you. Find my boy, or the torments I will visit upon you will be infinite. Promise. You make this right, Dagon. Make it right.

Castiel: No human form can step through that gate and survive. Your souls, they'll ascend to Heaven. And every cell of your beings will return to the universe. I'm sorry, Kelly. It's the son of Lucifer. This is a human, archangel hybrid. That power, it's beyond comprehension. Your child could bring the universe to it's knees.
Kelly: Or lift it to its feet. This baby. Nothing is born evil.
Castiel: No it isn't. I used to believe in a plan. I used to believe I had a mission. But I've been through enough now to know that everyone is just winging it. Some of us quite badly. Lucifer, he's just breaking toys. He's sowing destruction and chaos and there is no grand purpose at work. And there is no special role for you. When Lucifer took over Rooney's body, you were just there.

Sam: Kelly! Kelly, hey wait-wait-wait a second. Look, we can't imagine what you've been through, okay? We promised to find another way, and we did. We found another way. This can work.
Kelly: I'm going with Castiel.
Sam: Kelly, If you're go with Cas, you die. Your baby dies.

Sam: How does this happen?
Dean: What? The lying? The Heaven plan? Or the fact that I'm working on this stupid truck?
Sam: No, I mean what's wrong with Cas?
Dean: Well, he hasn't exactly had a banner year. I mean think about it. Between Lucifer, killing Billie, and Ramiel. He's so desperate for a win he can't see straight.

Dean: Are you okay?
Castiel: I am. Been so lost. I'm not lost anymore. And I know now, that this child must be born, with all of his power.
Sam: You can't actually mean that.
Castiel: Yeah, I do. I have faith. We have to go.

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