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Looking for volunteers at SPN_Locations!

Originally posted by raloria at Looking for volunteers!

It's time for me to really dig in and get back to work on updating this site spn_locations (aka The Location List) for the upcoming convention in Vancouver.

Due to real life and technical issues, I've been unable to (yet again) update all the lists as I would like. The early seasons are especially in need of some updating. But with only 3 months until August, I'm fast running out of time for something that time-consuming.

I have to concentrate now on updating the site/list with the Locations for Season 12.
But I'd also like to do some other tasks with the list (if possible).

I just need a little help.
I'm looking for at least 2 volunteers.

What would you be doing?
* Making a list of Locations that are no longer in existence.
* Gathering locations by city/area.
* Helping me with Lists of Locations from Riverview and The Back 40 Dog Park.

Knowledge of basic HTML would be nice, but it's not a requirement.
I'll be happy to transfer the text in the lists to any format you're comfortable working in: text, Word Doc, Google Drive doc, etc.

If you're interested in helping out, just let me know in the comments. Thanks! :)

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