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Taking steps to start up things at SPNConCatalog Comm

Been busy trying to work on things over at spn_locations aka The Locations List, but it's tough because it's eating away at what little internet data I have left. *sigh* It's frustrating.

So, since that is kind of hit a roadblock at the moment, I've also been trying to figure things out for the spnconcatalog. Things were brought up when I initially started the community, like whether we'd be doing transcripts of the con panels. This was not initially my intention, but I can understand the need for that. It also increases the challenge quite a bit because I know I have a hard time hearing and understanding what's being said in the videos.

Then last week, I was using SuperWiki's list of SPN Cons to look for panel videos. It became pretty apparent that the material from the oldest cons is limited at best. It's also disappearing.

Youtube videos are no longer available, links are no longer viable. So any documentation on the older con panels is fast disappearing. It's also very difficult to find full panel videos from the early cons. Example: I've found a Jensen Panel video from LA Con 2009, but there's none (that I've been able to find) for Jared and then Jared and Jensen's panel.

I've been trying to do a transcript of the J2 Breakfast Panel from ChiCon 2007. Again, there's like only one full video out there, the audio is kind of muffled, and it's difficult to make everything out. But of course, this was from the first SPN Con in the US, so it's pretty important and there's some great moments in there (like Jared wiping his sweaty face on Jensen's shirt).

In thinking all of this over, I've come to a conclusion - We've got to save/document these older con panels before they're totally gone. We need to at least try to transcribe them in order to preserve what happened. At the same time, there's such a backlog of cons to cover, some 10 years of cons from all over the world. Some have more panel videos than others and some were more attended than others. For some cons it's going to be very difficult to find panel videos, especially full ones. Though I'm willing to include panel videos that are broken up into 2 or 3 parts. Not much beyond that though because then it gets too chopped up.

My plan for spnconcatalog is to have entries for individual con panel videos that include an embedded video of the panel and then a transcript of the video/panel. If a transcript can't be done, then there will at least be a list of the highlights of the panel, possibly with some time codes from the video. Since doing transcripts can be really time-consuming, I'm thinking of just doing the highlights first. At least that way we'll have something that documents the panel. The other important element of the comm is going to be the tags. I want them to be simple, yet detailed enough that people will be able to find what they're looking for.

I'm preparing to contact my initial volunteers for spnconcatalog to see if they're still available and interested in helping, but I'm certainly happy to have more. If you enjoy watching SPN con panel videos and have some time, please volunteer over at the community. We're fighting time to preserve these con memories!

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