raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
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About the recent Gag Reel Cap requests...

Okay, I've gotten several requests to re-upload zipped folders of my SPN Gag Reel caps, especially for Season 5 for some reason. I appreciate the renewed interest in old caps, but sadly at the moment my internet is nearly dial-up slow. This means that uploading any major files is pretty much impossible.

However, I'll be back up to full, fast speed internet on the 11th.
So if you all will be just a little patient with me, I'll (hopefully) be able to provide the requested caps.

I say hopefully because I have to find the Gag Reel caps on an external hard drive. I probably have them...can't imagine that I wouldn't but I've been known to lose files. Keep your fingers crossed.

Of course, I'm also thinking I could probably make better caps now from a youtube video of the gag reels?
I'll have to do some searching and see if anyone's got them uploaded at a high resolution. That might be another option.

Anyway, I thank you for the requests, but ask for your patience over the next several days. :)

Tags: adventures in screencapping, livejournal, status report, supernatural, technology
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