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Baby Otter Cuteness Overload!!!

Darned Twitter timeline linked me to the first video and then I saw the follow-up one.
OMG So much furry adorableness! This baby otter was "discovered orphaned on a California beach in late September weighing a mere 1 kg." In the first video you see her put in the water for the first time and she doesn't seem too sure about it, but by the 2nd video she's playing with toys in the water. Love her going to sleep in the guy's arms at the end of the first video, too. So CUTE! :D

Edit: Geez. I just noticed these videos are from 2014! Golly, Time Magazine...must be a slow news day if they're posting to Twitter with a 3 year old video. Ah, well...it's still adorable.

Tags: fun stuff, links, random cute, twitter, video, youtube
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