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Still looking for volunteers at spn_locations

Originally posted by raloria at Still looking for volunteers

It's been nearly a month since I posted about needing volunteers to update this comm, spn_locations, and I still haven't found any. Giving this one more try, since I've only got a little over 2 and half months to get this site updated and ready for VanCon in August.

I basically just need someone(s) to help me gather locations by area. Some of the lists (like the one for Vancouver and North Vancouver) are basically done. Other area lists need a bit more work. And then there's the lists for locations the production frequently uses, such as Riverview, The Back 40 Dog Park, and the Watchmen backlot set. Again, most of these lists have already been started, so you wouldn't be starting from scratch.

I really want to get these Area Lists done this year so that I and my fellow Location Hunters can use them when visiting the city of Vancouver in August. We don't need lists of locations by Season - the Area ones are the ones that are more useful.

So a lot of the work will be looking for all the locations from the Season Pages here at the comm from a certain city and copy & pasting them into a new list/post. Simple stuff really, but it does take time, which is why I need volunteers to help out.

I hope my SPN Family can help me.

If you can't volunteer I would so appreciate it if you could at least share this on your journal to help get the word out. Thanks! ♥
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