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First Impressions Review: 12x23 "All Along The Watchtower"

Finally got this done, even though nobody's going to read it. Ah, well. The completionist in me had to finish off the season properly. Maybe I should just give up on posting episode reviews? Or maybe these are too long? I don't know. I've got months to figure it all out.

Ah, Carry On Wayward Son….and legendary indeed! :D

What a beautiful location….up by Squamish, btw. ;)
Kelly on the phone with an IKEA employee and getting angry. Hee!
Oh, hun…you’re talking about your child like he’s going to be normal. Fat chance of that.
So sweet of Cas to tell her he’ll raise her son.

Yep, yep! We all knew Crowley survived by hopping into that rat! Now he reclaims his buried body.
Meanwhile, the boys are saying they need Rowena and call her….only it’s Lucifer who answers…over Rowena’s charred body. Oops. Kinda sad that we didn’t get to see her death. Poor Rowena!
But it makes sense that Lucifer would take her out, since she’s the only one who can put him back in the cage. So much for that plan!

Wow! That’s a lot of diapers, Cas. “Everybody poops.” LOL
Uh, oh….Kelly’s having a contraction…and leaving some essence on the truck, which then goes to the back of the house.

The boys surmise that if they can’t take out Lucifer, they’ll find Kelly and Cas and keep them safe, hopefully still drain the grace from the baby. There’s weird signs when a nephilim is born, of the biblical variety, so they’ll use them to find the pair.

Meanwhile, Cas has found a strand of light emanating from the ground in back of the house. He touches it and is transported to some place dark and barren. He’s attacked by a monster who someone else shoots….someone Cas recognizes…”You?” Who????? Gah!!!!!!

Kelly is making a little video to her child….Jack. Telling her she loves him….and then she has another contraction.

Dean’s still limping around with his hurt knee. Poor baby!
Crowley suddenly shows up and Dean punches him right away and holds the demon knife to his throat. Then we get a surprise as Sam speaks up and tells Dean to hold off, that Crowley can probably help them. And if not? “Well then we kill him.” Hee!

They tell him Rowena is dead….he always thought he’d be the one to do away with her. He admits to the boys and Mary that he thought he could win when he captured Lucifer. He’s also realized that he hates his job - the whining demons, the paper work. But he knows who to join up with, the winning team, the Winchesters. “You big beautiful lumbering piles of flannel.” Aw, Crowley….you like them! In exchange for his help w/Lucifer, he offers to close the doors to hell and they’ll never see a demon on Earth, except for him.

Kelly’s going into labor and looking around the house for Cas. He suddenly shows up and tells her he was “nowhere”.

This scene! The Winchesters busy typing away on their devices, doing research and Crowley just sitting there, drinking and looking bored. Sam finds the right signs in North Cove, WA. Which doesn’t exist that I know of and I live in the state. Dean knifes Crowley’s hand to the table. Something tells me that won’t really stop him…. And since when was Dean the one who didn’t trust Crowely? They used to be all buddy/buddy back when Dean was a demon. How times have changed. And don’t they need Crowley to help take down Lucifer???

More with Cas and Kelly….blah, blah, blah. Cas seems pretty normal here, btw. Which he didn’t last we saw of him. Speaking of which, Kelly wants to know about what the nephilim showed him. He saw the future - basically paradise…no war or pain or fear, suffering, or hate. Ah, the boys have arrived!

There’s tension between Cas and the boys, but they explain they’ll deal with that crap later. Right now they need to protect Kelly and Cas from Lucifer who might be right on their trail. Cas sees Dean in pain from his knee and heals him. Aww. Sam rushes outside to check the house’s warding and sees the light out back. Cas says it’s a tear in time and leads to an alternate world. Nice mention of “The French Mistake”. LOL Cas tells them they don’t wanna know what’s on the other side, but yep, they’re going in.

In this world, demons and angels are fighting each other with the few remaining humans stuck in the middle. Cas says not to worry…the child opened this door and he’ll close it. He has faith. Dean then calls him a dumbass. LOL

A mysterious figure approaches….it’s Bobby!!!!! Whee!!!!!! :D
But he doesn’t recognize the boys…or Cas. The only Winchester he knew of was John and he’s been dead for over 40 years. He heard of him from Mary Campbell who always talked about John as the love of her life but she was killed by Azazel 10 years ago. Sam asks what is going on….what is this?

Castiel: This is a world where you were never born. It’s a world you never saved.

Proof right there of the impact the brothers have had on the world.

I like Mary being there for Kelly during her difficult labor…that she won’t live through.

So in this alternate world, demons have horns and angels have necklaces of baby ears. Weird!
Killing angels is alt!Bobby’s hobby and passion. And his gun is named Rufus. *g* And it’s full of angel-killing bullets. Very cool!

The boys and Cas go back to the house and there’s Crowley! I just knew he’d be their ace in the hole!
The boys gear up for the big fight…

Dean: You know Cas has faith in this kid. I hope he’s right. But me? I have faith in us. You, me, mom, Cas…and Crowley, sometimes. This is gonna work. It has to.

Cas soothes Kelly and reminds her…”paradise”.

The boys head outside and there’s Lucifer….Sam tells him whatever he plans on doing God/Chuck will stop him like before. Lucifer isn’t frightened at all by that ‘cause Chuck is gone. This is apocalypse take 2. Here we go…Cas gets tossed aside like a broken toy and the boys take off running to the back of the house….and the time portal. They go in just as Lucifer sees them again. He follows….and Dean’s got alt!Bobby’s gun! “Say hello to my little friend.” Hee! Go Dean!!!!! But the bullets aren’t working!!!! Sam runs off to join Crowley who is working a spell - they seal the rift and trap Lucifer here. But there’s one last missing element….a life. And meanwhile, Lucifer is beating up on Dean!!!!! Gah! Not again! He just got healed!!!!! Man, it kills me when Jensen makes those painful wheezing noises. :( Crowley comes to the rescue though!

Hee! There’s that moment Jared mentioned at the AussieCon where he hit Jensen in the face as he was helping him up off the ground. :P

So Sam helps Dean run over to the light rift as they watch Crowley confront Lucifer. “I hate you deeply. Truly. I’m going to enjoy wiping that smug, self-satisfied look off your face, personally.”

Lucifer’s not afraid…he knows the king of hell will lose. Crowley says he’s right and says goodbye to the boys before taking the angel blade he was holding and stabbing himself with it!! Wow. Bye, bye Crowley. The rift is threatening to close, but Cas comes back in through it, but Sam drags a screaming Dean back through the rift.

Meanwhile, Kelly is giving birth….and dies…with a blast that sends Mary across the room.

Cas stabs Lucifer with his angel blade, Luci’s eyes go red. Cas reappears through the rift at the house, and then is instantly stabbed in the back and killed by Lucifer!!!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!! The boys are just stunned, especially Dean. So sad! Lucifer says playtime is over and that’s when Mary shows up to defend her boys! Go Mary!!!! And she’s put on the Enchain brass knuckles!!!!! She tells the boys she loves them and then punches Lucifer! Whoo!!!!! She punches him over and over and enough that he falls back towards the rift and he pulls her in with him!!!!!! Noooooooo!!!!!!!! And the rift closes behind them. :(

Lucifer is furious, the boys are sad, and Dean is devastated. He looks so lost…collapsing to his knees and looking down at Cas’s dead body….scrorched wings on the ground and all. Then he looks up, perhaps hoping Chuck will fix things, but nothing happens. :(

Sam rushes inside the house, which is lit up with light. He finds Kelly dead on the bed and closes her eyes. But there’s no sign of the child, but he hears a noise and sees footprints on the floor…..inside the nursery he finds a grown man sitting on the floor in the darkness, his eyes glowing yellow!

Final Thoughts:

Well, this episode was pretty intense, but not quite as satisfying as the previous episode. It still packed quite a punch though and thankfully still held some surprises I didn’t see coming.

Well, we’ve got quite the death toll from these 2 eps alone. I guess if they’re doing a reset button on the show, this would definitely do it. The boys are utterly alone….except for Jody, Donna, Claire, and Alex. Oh, and Garth. They’ve lost everyone else.

Didn’t see Crowley’s end coming….or Cas’s. I like that Crowley went out a hero. You gotta know he realized he was going to have to die to trap Lucifer and that his deal with the boys would be obsolete. But let’s face it…he was sick of his job and tired of constantly fighting for leadership in hell. So what happens to hell now?

I’m sad to see Cas die and I know a ton of the fandom is going to be angry and hurt about it. Honestly, I’ve been kinda bored with his story arc lately. I mean he hasn’t been interesting since he was a human. He’s messed up, a lot, and lately hasn’t had much to do. [Spoiler (click to open)]On the other hand, thanks to Jared spilling the beans at JibCon this past weekend, it seems the favorite angel won't remain dead after all!

I do have a few issues with this ep…mainly that Cas stabbing Lucifer with an angel blade didn’t kill him! It worked on Gabriel! How did that not work??? I call foul! And now he’s trapped in the alt-world with Mary! Hopefully Bobby will find her and help out.

Speaking of the alt!World….why did the nephilim open that rift in the first place? To the show the boys what the world would be without them? What was it’s purpose? Did he know this whole showdown was going to happen and his father would get stuck there? He did show Cas the future and it was paradise, but was that without Castiel? One has to wonder. Gah! So many questions.

But we’ve got until October to think about all of this and imagine how Season 13 is going to open. It’s certainly going to go in a different direction with so many people gone and the boys stuck dealing with a nephilim. Overall, I haven’t been a big fan of Season 12, but it certainly went out with a bang. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Until then…thanks for reading. :)


Kelly Kline: “If you ask me if I have the quarter-inch Allen wrench one more time, I am going to come down there and burn your giant, Viking junkyard of a store to the ground.”

Dean: Okay let me just get this straight. So, we beat the Brits, we kicked their psycho tea swilling asses. And instead of popping champagne and heading to Vegas, we get Lucifer.

Lucifer: Oh, if you're looking for Rowena, she is presently indisposed. Which is a delicate way of saying I stomped on her face until the white meat showed, and then set her on fire just in case. Oh, gingers. It was messy and screamy, but it had to be done, Sam. I'm about to be a Dad, can't raise the little nipper from a jail cell now can I? Speaking of, you know where your little pail Castiel is?

Kelly: Okay, but Cas you went a little overboard.
Castiel: I disagree. I have read 74 books on child-rearing and there is one thing they all agree on. Everybody poops.

Mary: All right then. I kinda always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.

Sam: Dean, wait.
Dean / Mary: Seriously?

Sam: He worked the Cage spell with Rowena, maybe he could help us.

Mary: What if he can't.

Sam: Well, then we kill him.

Crowley: I wanted to win. I perverted Mother's spell, put Lucifer in a vessel of my own making because I wanted to win. You have any idea how many people have made a play for my throne over the years? Lucifer, Abaddon, blah-blah-blah-blah. I thought if I could put the Devil on a leash, my own personal nuke. No one would ever dare challenge me again.
Sam: So, why are you here?
Crowley: Well, whenever there is a world ending crisis at hand, I know where to place my bets. It's on you. You big beautiful lumbering piles of flannel. So if you'll forgive my transgression, I'll make it worth your wile.
Dean: Which means?
Crowley: After we put Lucifer back in his Cage, together. I'll seal the Gates of Hell. You'll never see another demon again, apart from of course, yours truly.
Mary: You would do that?
Crowley: Why not? They stab me in the back, I'll happily stab them in the front, the sides and right up their little black-eyed asses. So, do we have a deal?

Kelly: Pressure waves?
Castiel: It's what they call contractions in my doula class. I-I took it online. First time mothers, labor can be twelve to eighteen hours, sometimes longer. Though given this is the child of Lucifer and a quasi-celestial being...

Castle: “I saw the future. I saw a world without pain or hunger or want. I saw the world that your child will create and it is a world without fear and without suffering and without hate. I saw paradise.”

Castiel: It's a doorway to another world.
Dean: Anoth-- what, like Narnia?

Castiel: No. No through there it's Earth, but-but different. It's an alternate reality.
Sam: So, it's a bizarro world? Or -- or like that place we got zapped to where we were, uh, actors on a TV show.
Dean: Oh, yeah. The supernatural wasn't real. And you were Polish.

Dean: All right on a scale of one to ten, how bad is this?
Sam: I don't know. I gotta say a hole in reality to a bombed out apocalypse world. I'm gonna go with eleven.
Dean: Sounds right.

Dean: Bobby. It's us. Sam and Dean Winchester.
Bobby: The only Winchester I ever heard of was John.
Sam: Yeah, John Winchester. Our Father.
Bobby: Doubt it. He's dead, been dead over forty years now. The only reason I know about him, is this hunter I ran with Mary Campbell, you get a few pints of shine into her, she always told the same story about the man she loved -- John Winchester. Azazel killed her about ten years ago.
Sam: Cas, what the the hell is this?
Castiel: This is a world where you were never born. It's a world you never saved.

Bobby: I don't know. It ain't so bad here, if you like killing angels.
Sam: And you do?
Bobby: It's my hobby and my passion. So, I figure it's only a matter of time before the dicks upstairs get wind of this. And when they show, me and Rufus go to work. He's loaded with a hundred rounds, cast from old angel blades.

Dean: “I have faith in us. You, me, mom, Cas and Crowley, sometimes.”

Lucifer: “You never give up, even when you should. Even when you would be so stupid not to.”

Lucifer: “Every time I look at this sad, trash fire of a world, do you know what I keep thinking? I could do so much better.”

Lucifer: Oh. Sweet toy.
Dean: Yeah, I got it off an old-new pal of mine. See we have this bet, see if it works against an archangel. So, say hello to me little friend.

Lucifer: Oh, no no no. You had your chance. You could have put me back in the Cage.
Crowley: You're right. It is personal. You humiliated me. I-I hate you, deeply, truly. And I'm gonna enjoy wiping that smug, self-satisfied look off your face. Personally.

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