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LJ Userpics Overhaul & Icon Request

Well I finally took the plunge and deleted most of my LJ userpics. Woot! :D

Spent the past several hours adding in new ones (lots of yours, milly_gal *g*), but I'm nowhere near done. Only have 80 userpics out of the 152 I can now have. Phew! That's a lot! Still need to replace my Holiday/Seasonal ones, as they're still for winter. D'oh! :P

I'm also thinking about adding back in some of my older icons 'cause...well, I love them, they're old favorites, and I can't seem to do without them.

I've had to take a break, but it's nice to have new pretty to select from. :D

However, I've noticed my icon collection (my own and those by others in fandom that I've saved) is lacking a couple of things: Sam & Dean wearing plaid and/or suits.

I've got a couple/few icons of the boys in suits, but they're all early season stuff. And them wearing plaid? Nope...nowhere to be found. It's sad, really.

So I thought I'd put out a request for icons of Sam & Dean (singly and together) wearing suits and those lovely plaid shirts. I'll take new ones if anyone can make them for me or if you'd got some already posted that you'd like to point me to I'd sure appreciate it! :D

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