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Oh, goody....

More images on my journal are gone thanks to Photobucket. *sigh*
I figured this was going to happen. I have 4 Photobucket accounts - 2 that were my "main ones", the ones I used to pay for. They started with the 2nd one and now the first, older one has been hit with the "No 3rd Party Hosting" invasion. Grrrr.

Guess I know what I'll be doing later on today...re-uploading all those images over to SlickPic so I can re-link them. *sigh*

Btw, I've made a decision over this whole issue that is heavily effecting posts over at spn_locations. I'll be posting about it later.

Oh, why did I look at my lj comms??? sSa_wah
The header and backgrounds are totally gone at positively_spn and spn_onthheeset! * Gah!!!! They look HIDEOUS!!! Thanks, Photobucket. Thanks for ruining my life. Thanks for giving me more work than I need right now.

* Thankfully, the actual images used in all the posts for spn_ontheset are in LJ's Scrapbook and unaffected.

You know what this means....all my old Just 'Cause posts are now gone. The ones made from when I began them 9 years ago until I switched them over to SlickPic a couple of years ago. Lovely. I'm so sorry for anyone who goes back and views those old posts, not that I expect many will, but still. OMG This is so upsetting! Hundreds of posts just GONE like that! Seriously, I'm tearing up just thinking of all those Just 'Cause posts that are totally worthless now - on top of Seasons 1-7 over at spn_locations! Friggin' Photobucket and their $400!!!!

Tags: emo, livejournal, my lj comm, photobucket, rant
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