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Links about PB Ransoming images

When I first noticed Photobucket blocking my images, I did a Google search and only found a few items about it. Now, I'm finding lots of Forums and Blogs that are being affected by PB's ransoming of images.

As the one person points out, this is having a huge impact online. If you visit lots of blogs, more than likely their images will be gone. DIY sites, same thing. Forums, etc. I suspect few will be forking over $400 a year to Photobucket to get their images back online, and if they had images numbering in the hundreds or thousands? Those aren't coming back anytime soon, if ever. It's just far too much work to re-upload them elsewhere and re-type the links.

Anyway, I thought I'd list some links here that I thought were very informative - and also help make me feel that I'm not alone in my pain and anger over PB's rotten practices.

PB's own Blog. Fascinating how they respond to simple problems people comment on, but about the 3rd Party Hosting Issue? Total silence.

This blogger's situation is very similar to mine here on LJ. Hundreds of posts and thousands of photos just gone. I feel her pain.

This person equates PB with Angelfire, Geocities, and Tripods demise. If PB does indeed disappear due to this sudden betrayal of their users, it serves them right!

One of many forums I've found reporting this issue.

More info. and another prediction that this will be PB's undoing.

This is yet another person who brings up people being locked out of their PB accounts, unable to even download their own images off the site! I haven't run into that issue (yet), but it's yet another evil tactic by PB.

That's all for now, but I may add more as the days go by.

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