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Looking better around here on my journal

In the on-going Photobucket saga...

Spent most of Friday late afternoon and evening, into Saturday morning figuring out which images were missing from not only my LJ but spn_ontheset & positively_spn. At least I'm still able to download my images from PB - I've heard of others who have been completely blocked out of their own accounts! So I downloaded images, re-uploaded them to Slickpic, and changed the links on my journal. So all the sidebar images are on Slickpic and hopefully there to stay! Oh, I did leave out a few things from the sidebar that aren't needed anymore and changed the Gallery pics, etc. Even went so far as to change my journal's background, since it's been ages since I had anything different there.

Then it was onto the comms...with the same process. Even had to go and re-upload & code the tiny little SPN icons I use at positively_spn (and on my journal) next to people's usernames.

So now spn_ontheset went from this:

To looking back to normal again:

It only took hours and hours of work, using up precious internet data, and taking me away from other things I should be doing. Thanks so much Photobucket!

Sadly, that's all I can really do.
All the posts in the past that had caps, fanart, and photos stored on Photobucket? Essentially every post since I started on LJ? Totally worthless.
It would be an impossible task to re-upload all of those images and change the links in every single LJ post. It hurts my soul and my heart that all that work is basically gone and unviewable. It's something that I never imagined would happen and yet, here it is. :(

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