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VanCon 2017: Kim gone, Alaina added

Well, shoot.
Kim Rhodes had to cancel out of VanCon (possibly for SPN spinoff filming???). So they've added Alaina Huffman in her place. I adore Alaina, so no problem there, but I will miss Kim and her hijinks with Brianna on stage.

From Creation's VanCon Page:

KIM RHODES IS CANCELING OUT OF SPN VANCOUVER. REPLACING HER IS ALAINA HUFFMAN (ABBADON). Alaina will also take Kim's place as co-host of the THURSDAY NIGHT PJ party, q&as, duo photos with Briana and Ladies of SPN photo op. As stated on the site if you do not wish to make the replacement of Alaina for Kim in various separate autographs, photo ops, duo photo ops (other than Wayward Girls Photo Ops) you can get a voucher and use for other stuff or a refund as described. THOSE THAT BOUGHT THE WAYWARD GIRLS PHOTO OP ARE HAVING THEIR MONEY REFUNDED TO THEIR CREDIT CARDS. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO TEN BUSINESS DAYS FOR YOUR WAYWARD GIRLS PHOTO OP TO BE REFUNDED. Alaina will be appearing both Friday and Saturday.

I was hoping for some more new guests, but the schedule looks pretty full now. Maybe we can still hope for some surprise local guests like Kat Ramdeen again. :)

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