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VanCon 2017: Sunday

The final day of the weekend began with the Gold J2 Panel. Apparently Jared just flew up here, since he's been off all week from filming. Interesting. Jensen isn't too happy about that, of course. :P Lots of fun in the panel with the boys being their adorable, dorky selves.

Next were photo-ops:

I had an early ticket number for Jensen, so I went right up to the photo-op room. One of the best things about the photo-op line is that you get to see the actor posing with other fans before you have to step forward. More time to stare at Jensen! When it was my turn we said our Hello's and then he said, "Nice to see you again." Did he remember me? He's been doing this the past couple of VanCons, so it could be true. Anyway, it made my day. No more hesitating with the hug on his part anymore either, which is nice!

Had a much higher number for the J2 photo-op, so I had to wait a long time. But the boys seemed just as fresh as ever by the time it was time for my photo. Big smiles, "Hi's", and then I asked for a sandwich shot, hugged Jensen with Jared behind me and they squished me real good! Heaven!!!! :D And again Jensen said "Nice to see you again" as I was leaving. Maybe he was saying it to everyone, I don't know.

Had to wait a while for Jared's ticket number to come up as well. I do love Jared's sweet hugs! There's nothing else quite like them. So comforting and warm and safe-feeling. :)

The day's panels started with Rob and Rich, of course, and Rich somehow got onto singing about how Rob loves bottoms. LOL It was so crazy and silly and I'm so glad I got it all on video! Oh, and he also described the boys as "Sunshine dressed in flannel". So true! But first, we began with Rachel Miner, with Rob and Rich helping her to the stage and her chair. The audience gave her a standing ovation and she was so touched and said how much being here meant to her. She's so inspirational and a true champion for courage.

Then...The Boys!!!! Who came running into the room from the back! That was a surprise. They wanted to see what it was like. Hee! Such a fun panel! Wish I could remember it right now, but there were a lot of laughs. Oh! They got off on a tangent about butt puns. LOL

Our final panel was with Ruth and she brought along a few friends from the cast and crew: Trish, the Hair & Makeup gal, Robin (in charge of Props), and Erica Carroll and the actor who took over the roll of Hannah on SPN when she was returned to heaven. Naturally, Ruth was giving out more hotel goodies.

Last up, autographs with the boys. I didn't have time to prepare anything for autographs this time, so thankfully, I had a small stack of printed photos of the boys with me (some were of my own photos). And that's what I decided to have them sign. I had Jensen sign a photo of him from 2010's Gold Breakfast Panel (when he wore that great black leather jacket). He said he still has the jacket in his closet but hasn't worn it since that con! Why? Because it was too tight (as he demonstrated by flexing his shoulders and arms). But then I and my friends said it looked too good on him to just sit in the closet and he should wear it again sometime. He finally yelled "Alright!" Hee! I love exasperated Jensen. He was looking quite tan, too...in just a t-shirt, arms all exposed. *swoons* Oh, and to me Jensen's voice was extra deep on Sunday...from singing on Saturday night perhaps? ;)

I had Jared sign another of my VanCon photos (but I don't recall the year) and he was impressed by the quality and pointed out how high resolution it had. Thanks, Jared! :D

And there you have it...as fast as I could get it typed up before my sleepy brain loses it all.

I have a ton of photos and by my count, 42 videos to share (I'm already uploading a few right now). So goodies will be posted in the coming days and weeks. :)

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