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VanCon 2017 Videos: Karaoke "Sweet Caroline" & "Carry On Wayward Son"

Here's the last 2 Karaoke videos.
Our last surprise guest was Osric Chau!!! He didn't sing a song though...no, he had a song sung to him! Btw, if you watch the first video you'll notice some major camera shake and black screen in the middle. Well, that's because Jason Manns started going though Osric's backpack and pulled out a pair of grey underwear. Which he then rolled up and tossed into the crowd - and right at me! Amazingly, I caught them with my left hand (I was holding my camera in the right hand). I didn't even think about it. It was just a gut reaction to reach out and catch them. I quickly looked around to see if anyone wanted to take the garment off my hands and a gal next to me eagerly took them. But then almost immediately, a gal approached us (I'm assuming she was a Creation volunteer) and took the underwear away. So yeah, I caught the underwear....hope they were clean. LOL

And of course, you can't have Karaoke without singing the show's unofficial theme song at the end. Seemed a little odd that they didn't invite the Creation volunteers onto the stage as they usually do. Maybe because they're paid now? Anyway, singing that song with the cast and fellow fans is always such a magical moment. :D

Tags: actors: alaina huffman, actors: briana buckmaster, actors: emily swallow, actors: gil mckinney, actors: matt cohen, actors: osric chau, actors: richard speight jr, jason manns, supernatural, vancon 2017, video, youtube

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