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SPN Filming 13x03: Cropped Photos

After asking you all last month if I should post my photos of SPN filming 13x03 out on location last month after VanCon, I decided the best approach was to post cropped photos first. This way everyone gets a taste, there's no spoilers (unless you count Dean's typical clothing & the Impala as spoilery), and it's easier for me. Heh. I've 400-some photos and 19 videos of the filming that day, which will take some time to process and upload. So for me, the best option is to wait to post them after the episode airs. Hope you enjoy the teasers, though! :D

Warning! Even though I consider this post to be spoiler-free, you might feel differently. I cropped all the photos closely around Jensen and the Impala and you will see nobody else except for a few fans and crew members. No guest stars / other actors are visible at all! I don't even show you much of the location.

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Apologies about the weird coloring on the photos of Jensen drinking from the water bottle. I fixed all these photos individually and sometimes my settings didn't quite match up. Plus, he was in the shade and I was trying to brighten them some. You'll notice the photos of when Jensen walked towards us a little to shoot his Instagram video. *g* Then his cheeky little grin at us as he walked away! We did get to see Jensen drive the Impala a little bit - always a thrill!

I'll talk more about what happened when I can post all the photos and videos.
If anyone wants a zipped folder of these photos, just let me know and I'll make it available.

// Click to view photos at full-size. //

CropIMG_9329 CropIMG_9334 CropIMG_9338 CropIMG_9342 CropIMG_9345 CropIMG_9346 CropIMG_9347 CropIMG_9357 CropIMG_9361 CropIMG_9362 CropIMG_9363 CropIMG_9364 CropIMG_9365 CropIMG_9366 CropIMG_9367 CropIMG_9376 CropIMG_9379 CropIMG_9380 CropIMG_9381 CropIMG_9391 CropIMG_9399 CropIMG_9400 CropIMG_9401 CropIMG_9405 CropIMG_9407 CropIMG_9408 CropIMG_9413 CropIMG_9414 CropIMG_9419 CropIMG_9420 CropIMG_9421 CropIMG_9422 CropIMG_9431 CropIMG_9435 CropIMG_9453 CropIMG_9455 CropIMG_9456 CropIMG_9457 CropIMG_9465 CropIMG_9466 CropIMG_9470 CropIMG_9478 CropIMG_9479 CropIMG_9480 CropIMG_9482 CropIMG_9483 CropIMG_9491 CropIMG_9515 CropIMG_9517 CropIMG_9518 CropIMG_9526 CropIMG_9528 CropIMG_9529 CropIMG_9612 CropIMG_9623 CropIMG_9654 CropIMG_9655 CropIMG_9679 CropIMG_9683 CropIMG_9686 CropIMG_9693 CropIMG_9708 CropIMG_9715 CropIMG_9726 

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