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VanCon 2017 Videos: Sunday Start w/Rob & Rich

This is the only opening-of-the-day video I have from this con and I'm sad I don't have the other ones from Friday and Saturday. Especially Saturday's because Rich did a whole monologue about the fandom and it was so great! I'll have to see if someone else has it out there on youtube.

Anyway, this is in 2 parts because it was just a bit too long to upload to youtube. Rob and the band kick things off with my favorite Doobie Brothers song, "Long Train Running" and then we have Rich going into his song "Rob Loves Bottoms"! I mean the reason the video is shaking is because I was laughing so much! LOL XD

Richard: "Let me tell you something, if you're here to see Jared and Jensen and you don't love their bottoms my friend you're dead."

Oh! And according to Rich the boys don't fart (oh, yeah? history proves Jared does!) but instead have "mystical butterflies that come out of their anus and take their smell far, far away!" Yes, the boys are..."sunshine wearing flannel". I love that description...so true! :D

Richard: "You will be so overwhelmed that you will overspend. You will engage in a practice we call fiscal irresponsibility and there's not a damned thing anybody can do to stop you. Not a damned thing. Nope. I can warn you all day long, but you will just look at me and say, 'Old man...what do you know? I need another 7 foot face of Jared Padalecki in my room. You can almost see wall. I need to cover it up with vinyl Misha.'"

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