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Ah, Photobucket is at it again!

I haven't tried downloading any of my images off Photobucket since July, when I was trying to get my Location Caps off the site to re-upload to Slickpic and restore the images on my LJ comm posts.

Well, now I can't even download albums off of PB!
Either I get no response after Proving I'm Not A Robot and clicking Download or I get an error message at the top of the page saying something went wrong and to try again.
I try again and...rinse, repeat with the no response and error message.
I tried a different browser, and turning off my ad blocker. No change.

Finally, I went looking online for an answer. Looks like others have run into the same issue (those who can get logged into their accounts, that is).

I found this blip on a forum page from just a couple of weeks ago:

So PB knows it doesn't work and just doesn't care. Typical.
I can download my images one by one...but we're talking around 100 images - in one album alone!
No thanks!!!! *fumes*

So I guess I'll be making all-new map images for locations over at spn_locations. Oh, goody!

I also found this article about the Better Business Bureau issuing an "F" grade to the company after 15 complaints were issued. Really??? Only 15???? And surprise..."Despite repeated contacts from BBB, the business has not responded to any of these complaints."

Seriously, I truly hope Photobucket dies a fiery death!

Tags: links, my lj comm, news, photobucket, rant
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