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Video & Caps : SPN S13 Lucky Number Promo

We're less than a week away from the Season 13 premiere!!!
Of course I had to cap the latest Promo. SPOILERS!!!! ;)


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* Ooooh! Pretty Impala shot!!!!
* WTH with that mask.
Dean: "Have you ever seen a horror movie?"
* Sam yelling for.."Dean!"
* Something coming up behind Dean.
* Creepy cemetery...and someone walking through it.
* Hand out of the ground!!!
* Dean looking into a grave.
"When I get scared, things...happen."
* Scary kid!!! and lots of blood.
"The hell???"
"What the hell am I?"
* Like father like son...
* Lucifer trapped in a new cage.
"That is the question we all must ask."
* What the hell...is that Dean ripping his face off?? Shapeshifter again???
* Patience
* Oh, no! Jody!!!!
* Such a cool image...Michael rising from the ground in the AU?
"So what now? You kill me."
* That angel sword we see Dean throw? Hits this guy threatening Donatello. Nice shot, Dean!
* Dean fighting an angel. Ouch!
Sam: "Dean. You sure about this?"
* Sam saving Dean. Yay!
* Sam doing a sigil on the floor.
* Lucifer making whoever go poof.
Dean: "If I'm right and it comes to killing you? I'll be the one to do it."
* Boys!!!
* Boys looking so sad by the funeral pyre.
* Why is Dean bashing his face into that sign???
* Dean coming to/waking up?
* Creepy Jack...and what's with that scary hole in the ground???
* Temper, temper Dean. What did that sign ever do to you. Btw, I totally know where this spot is! *g*
* Glowing eyes!
* Is it just me, or does it seem like Dean is really getting his ass kicked at the beginning of this season like he did in the last 2 eps of S12? Ouch!

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