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Video & Caps: Jensen at SNS VanCon 2017 Video by Sherry Schuderer

If you aren't familiar with the con videos of Sherry Schuderer on youtube, you are missing out. They have great sound quality and are sharp, with lots of close-ups! I simply HAD to cap her super video of Jensen singing "Whipping Post" from this year's VanCon. A Black & White Cap Set of the video will be posted soon!

Thank you, Sherry, for allowing me to cap your beautiful video!

:: Cap Size: 1080 x 607 :: Cap Total: 168
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Download all 168 caps: JA SNS VanCon2017 SherryS Caps by Raloria.zip - 44 MB

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Tags: actors: jensen ackles, goodies, picspam, vancon 2017, video, youtube
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