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First Impressions Review: 13x01 "Lost And Found"

Well, it's been a long hiatus, but it's finally over!!!! :D

Let's see if I remember how to do this whole review thing. :P

Oooh….”Nothing Else Matters” for The Road So Far recap! Nice!!!
We pick up right where we left off….Jack thinks Sam is his father…and poor Dean kneeling besides Cas’s body. But then he goes back into the house to find Sam, and shoots at Jack immediately!
Jack doesn’t like that. Was that his “yell”??? Cause, whoah.

Nice fiery Season 13 title sequence!

A little look back at Mary confronting Lucifer…except it isn’t. She ends up in flames, on the ceiling! Dean is dreaming. The boys have been knocked out for a while. It was dark and now there’s daylight. Dean wonders if Jack can teleport or has wings. Sam doesn’t know. Jack is nowhere in sight.

Jack’s just walking through the woods…naked and comes across a Pirate Pete’s fast food joint. Where one of the workers is changing all the menu items to Butt. Hilarious. Ok, the Quarter Pound Butt is kinda funny. Jack approaches, asking for Father. Yep, time to call mom, who is the local sheriff. “How naked?” LOL I didn’t know there was degrees of nakedness.

Hello, there See To Sky Highway! I know you well! :D
Btw, dirty Impala means upset Dean. ;)
Love this shot along side the car while they’re driving. Very cool!!!!
Dean can’t even say that Cas is dead. :(
He’s all ready to kill Jack, but Sam wants to hold off because they don’t know what he really is yet. To Dean he’s just another monster to kill.

The sheriff arrives..and I totally know where this location is! :D
She comes across all friendly and Jack gives her a creepy smile. Uh, oh…

So who brought Cas’s body inside the house? These 2 angels???
Or did the boys bring him inside before they took off after Jack?

Well at least Jack’s got some clothes now, thanks to the lost and found. Everything is puzzling and new to him, of course. I’m not going to recap this whole scene, but this guy playing Jack does a great job of showing his confusion of the questions being asked of him while also coming across as slightly menacing. It’s an interesting combo.

Meanwhile, the boys arrive at Pirate Pete’s….and Dean sends Sam in to check for Jack while he calls Jody to put out an APB on the kid. LOL…this drunk gal.
Okay, why do they keep popping up the North Cove sheriff’s logo in our faces like big time? I don’t get it.
So Sam calls the sheriff as an FBI agent inquiring about Jack and meanwhile Jack’s thumbprint looks really weird. And this actress’s Canadian accent is pretty noticeable. Oops. Though if they’re in WA state, not unlikely for us to have Canadians living down here so that’s probably why they let it slide. I’m guessing here.

Did we miss something? Last we saw Dean hang up the phone and get out of the car, walking to the building. Now he’s walking back to the car with bloody knuckles on the one hand while drunken gal is hanging out by the Impala and babbling. WTH????
Sam comes outside and even he notices Dean’s wounded hand, which he’s not talking about. Sam knows where Jack is at and that’s all that matters, so they take off. Nice shot of the Impala backing out and leaving the lot!

Uh, oh….flickering lights at the sheriff’s office.
Btw, why is she wearing that vest all the time? Is Deep Cove really that bad of a place that she needs protection even inside the office at all times? Seems a little excessive.
She finds her son and Jack eating candy in a room. Seems that Jack has a neat trick to get candy out of the vending machine. Uh, oh….loud noises/voices. Is Jack hearing angel radio????
He flings mom into the machine and takes off down the hall where he eventually finds Dean….and Sam with a taser. Good shot Sam!
And the sheriff finds the boys.

Sam gets locked in a cell and Dean handcuffed. Whoah! That’s 3 guns, 2 knives, and a lighter, btw.
And Dean just totally comes clean, telling her his and Sam’s full names and that they hunt monsters. He also tells her that Jack is a nephilim, half human and half angel.

Jack wakes up in the cell with Sam and admits that when he gets scared things happen and he can’t explain it.

This is a great scene, btw. Beautifully shot and acted.
Jack remembers his mother and she taught him how to speak and told him he had to grow up fast. And he needs to find his father….Castiel! o.O
Yeah, Sam is as shocked as I am. Jack’s mom told him Cas would protect him. Well…that’s gonna be a little difficult. Oh! Jack tells Sam to tell the others that he’s sorry….so he can feel empathy, so that’s good. Anyway, he doesn’t recognize Lucifer as his dad at all!
Then Sam emotionally tells Jack that Castiel is dead. Jack does not look like he takes this well.

Oh, no! Drunken gal is an angel????

Dean goes to the cell and tells Sam they’ll be out of there shortly. He gave the talk to the sheriff and she’ll come around. Then they can take Jack away and well, kill him. Sam again, argues that they need him alive! Oh, yeah, I forgot that Sam asked Jack if he could open that portal to the other world. The kid didn’t give him an answer though. Anyway, Sam tries to tell Dean that Jack isn’t evil. Meanwhile, there’s a call for help…

Drunken gal has the sheriff’s son at knifepoint. It’s a standoff.
She tries to undermine everything Dean told the sheriff. Cute. He’s Becky and Becky has to die!
Meanwhile, angels are breaking into the cell with Sam and Jack!
Fight scene time!!!! This is awesomely shot!!! Whoah! I’m impressed. Show has really upped it’s game. Very happy!!!! :D
Sam sends the angels away before they can take Jack away to kill him. Yay!
Oh…except Dean finds out that the angels want Jack alive because he can do almost anything…except bring Castiel back to life. Then she headbutts Dean. Ouch! And goes after Jack…
Another standoff! But she stabs Jack in the chest with an angel blade before Sam stabs her. But Jack pulls the blade out and says he’s fine. Of course he wouldn’t be easy to kill. Duh!

Btw, SuperWiki says this is the first time Sam has killed an angel. Is that right??? Doesn't seem possible that it's taken this long!

Sam wants to take Jack back to the Bunker and Dean agrees, but he still doesn’t trust the kid and wants to kill him because he brainwashed Kelly and Cas he’s going to go evil.

They go back to the house by the water first….to take care of Cas’s body? Sam says they shouldn’t do this, they could ask Chuck to bring him back. Dean answers, “Don’t you think I tried that?”
Now we see what happened at the fast food joint…
He prayed to God to help them, to bring Cas, Mary, even Crowley back. What a beautiful scene!
Excellently done by Jensen and gorgeously shot! OMG
Of course, he doesn’t get an answer, so he hits his hand against the sign on the door, obliterating it.
Back in real time, Dean tells Sam that God “doesn’t give a damn”.

Wow…it’s really hard to talk about this final funeral scene. Jack tearfully touching Kelly’s feet, Dean looking at Cas, then wrapping up his body. Sam explaining to Jack what to say: Thank you, sorry, hoping they’re in a better place. It’s all so beautiful and sad. Then Dean says they’re all gone, even mom because Lucifer for sure killed her as soon as they trapped him in that other world. Sam doesn’t believe that though.

And sure enough….we see Mary in the AU!
She thinks Lucifer is going to kill her…but maybe not….”Maybe I need you.” Ah, ha!

Final Thoughts

What an amazing start to Season 13!!!! :D
Let's hope they can keep this quality up throughout the season and not have a repeat of Season 12. Ugh.

I'd hate to think it's because we've been deprived of seeing the boys for so long, but they looked stunning in this episode! Sam with his beautifully unmarred face, ruggedly handsome, still hopefull. Dean haggard, beaten, bloody, and broken by all the loss. The episode was also full of other beauty with the scenery and lighting and amazing close-ups and action shots. Plus, all the new, innovative camera shots we've never seen before and the editing on that fight scene? Exceptional! If this is the level of quality we're going to have throughout Season 13 I will be a very happy fangirl!

Killer acting in this episode as well. Jensen & Jared killing it full of sensitivity and emotion. Alexander Clavert as Jack bringing so many facets to the new character, both sympathetic and unnerving. I like how we still don't really know what Jack is thinking or is really capable of. Looking forward to finding out. I'm hoping the boys can help shape him and guide him down the right path. Sam is certainly willing, but Dean is another matter.

Definitely would grade this one an A+.
Looking forward to next week! So happy our boys are back!!! :D


Sam: Hold on a second. Can we just talk about what happened back there?
Dean: Sure, which part? Let's see Crowley's dead, Kelly's dead, Cas is... Mom's gone. And apparently the Devil's kid hit puberty in thirty seconds flat. Oh, and tried to kill us!

Dean: “I tried to shoot the monster, Sam. That’s kind of what we do.”

Sheriff Barker to her deputy: “There’s no such thing as weird. Everyone’s normal in their own way.”

Sheriff Barker: Is there anything you do remember, Jack?
Jack: I remember when the bad woman burned. I remember the universe screamed.

Dean: Well, do you really think Lucifer Jr.'s at Pirate Pete's Jolly Treats? That he was like, what? 'Before I destroy the world, let me just grab a bag of curly fries.'

Dean: Look maybe you're right, maybe the Devil's kid is in there just hanging out, 'kay. Or maybe he's half-way across the country heading towards Chicago. I'm gonna call Jody, check-in. See if she can help us put out a nationwide APB on a creepy Satanic nudist.

Lily: The mother's upstairs, but she-
Male Angel: I don't care about the broodmare.

Sam: I'm looking for a guy, he's about your height, naked.
Miriam: You and be both, sister.

Miriam: Doesn't look like nothing. You punch a wall or something? I punched a wall once, well a poster on a wall, same diff right? Freshman year, I had this roommate, Becky, she had this giant poster of Elsa, you know from Frozen. And I mean first, who brings something like that to college? A cartoon, really? It's like hello homeschooler, right?

Miriam: “Becky was, and I say this in the most feminist, screw-the-patriarchy way, a giant super bitch.”

Dean: My name is Dean Winchester, that big fella in there is my brother Sam. We kill monsters.
Sheriff Barker: Monsters? Like...
Dean: Have you ever seen a horror movie? Like that.
Sheriff Barker: So what are you like some kind of a superhero?
Dean: I'm just a guy doing a job.

Jack: My father is Castiel. My Mother, she said Castiel -- he would keep me safe. She said the world was a dangerous place, that's-that's why I couldn't be a baby or a child. I-that's why I had to grow up fast, that's why I chose him to be my Father.

Dean: Yeah, the sheriff I gave her the talk. She's gonna need a minute, but she's cool. So, let's grab Damien here and find someplace quiet.

Miriam: He’s not a hero, he’s Becky. You take things and break things and piss people off and just do whatever you want no matter who it hurts. Also, you're a giant super bitch.
Dean: Well, it takes one to know one.
Miraiam: So yeah, you're Becky and Becky needs to die.

Miriam: We want the Golden Ticket. Lucifer too, Electric Boogaloo.
Dean: Why?
Miriam: Because Beiber in there, he can do anything.

Dean to Sam, about Jack: “Even if he hasn’t gone Big Bad yet, he will.”

Dean: Okay, Chuck or God or whatever. I-I need your help. See, you-you left us, you left us. You went off... you said-you said the Earth would be fine because it had me and it had Sam, but it's not. And we're not. We've lost everything... And now you're gonna bring 'em back. 'Kay, you're gonna bring back Cas, you're gonna bring back Mom, you're gonna bring 'em all back. All of them. Even Crowley... 'Cause after everything that you've done, you owe us you son of a bitch. So, you get your ass down here, and you make this right. Right here! And right now! Please. Please help us.

Sam: You wanna say anything?
Jack: I... what do you say?
Sam: Right. Thank you, you say thank you. And you say you're sorry. You hope they're somewhere without sadness or pain. You hope they're somewhere better. You say goodbye.

Lucifer: So, you thought you could run away from me? Really? Really, you do know I can fly, right?
Mary: So what now? You kill me?
Lucifer: Sure... Or maybe not. Maybe, maybe I need you.

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