raloria 😟disappointed

A little late-night/early morning reflection

After last week being so busy with posts, I'm sorry to say things will probably be a little lighter around here this week. Somehow I didn't prepare any cap sets over the weekend, nor do any heavy capping. 

The only good thing I have to report, is that I Highlight Capped 13x01 overnight. Hopefully I can get them sorted, fixed, uploaded, and posted before Thursday. 

And I just realized I've got to resume posting the SPN Episode Title Caps for Season 13. Looks like Tuesday will be a good day for that.

Just when I think I've got things all organized for the new season...nope! I don't! *sigh* I realize I put far more pressure on myself than anyone else does, but I do feel a responsibility to keep posting new and cool things for you all. So sometimes when I'm not making 2 or 3 posts a day I feel like a slacker, a failure. 


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