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First Impressions Review: 13x02 "The Rising Son"

Ok, I had trouble getting this ep and by the time I did it was super late, hence this day-late review. Enjoy anyway.

We start off in hell…where the demons are sort of just sitting around waiting for Lucifer’s return…or getting drunk.
Asmodeous! He informs the demons that he’s taking over until Lucifer returns with his offspring. Bringing “Fire & Brimstone” back. To start with, he’s thinning out the herd. Oooh, ugly deaths. “There’s a new sheriff in town.”

Boys in the car at night…with Jack sleeping in the back seat. Sam offers to drive, since they’ve got a long way until home and Dean declines. Sam’s worried that Dean’s having a hard time processing all that they’ve lost, especially on no sleep. Dean points out that things always go bad for them when they hope things are going to go right. Best to take care of the problem as soon as possible - meaning Jack. Or “It” as Dean calls him. Sam says Jack may be their only hope of getting mom back.

Dean: Mom’s gone. There’s no fixing that.

In the AU, we find out why Lucifer is keeping Mary alive: he wants to swap her for his son eventually.
Whoah! INCOMING!!!!!!!!! Oh…where’d Mary go???

Oh, boy…here we go again. If Lucifer can’t be found, Asmodeous wants his son, to train him to rule…”With me as his humble advisor, of course.” Oh, this demon is concerned that Lucifer will find out they might not be looking for him. Asmodeous is not happy about that! Ah, Lucifer is the one who scratched Asmodeous’s face. The Shadeem??? Hell’s most savage. Asmo thought he could train them and use them, but Lucifer feared them and locked them up again. He was disappointed in Asmo.

The trio check into the Black Hat Hotel and Dean’s already griping that’s it a bad idea.

Sam: “Dude! You were hallucinating sheep on the road. We need a few hours.”

Yeah, that’s a good reason for some sleep. Jack likes the place.
Hee! Scooby Doo on the TV!!!!!! Aw, Dean turns it off. :(
He tells Jack to sack out on the couch and tosses him the Bible to read. Aw, Sam wants to take the couch, but Jack says he’s fine.

Love how Dean didn’t want Jack to drink beer…at first. And then Jack starts copying everything Dean does. LOL! Even Sam smiles as he notices it before Dean does!
They talk about Lucifer being in the Bible even though Jack doesn’t consider him his father, and God as being his grandfather…And Dean complains that he left for them to clean up his messes. Oooh, bitter, much Dean? Sam wants to know about Jack’s powers…if he could go anywhere he wants. Apparently he can’t teleport…or at least doesn’t really understand what it means.

Then Dean asks him if Lucifer ever reached out to him and Jack seems to remember…but he doesn’t tell the boys.

Donatello!!!! Geez, Dean. You didn’t recognize him? It hasn’t been that long!
So he’s got no soul thanks to Amara. “So when I come to a moral crossroad I ask myself, ‘What would Mister Rogers do?’ And as soon as I nail that, I’m usually good.”
Donatello was drawn there by a force….Jack, specifically. The boys tell him he’s a nephilim and Donatello can see the waves of power coming off of him, but they’re not dark or malevolent like Lucifer’s was. Sam’s encouraged by this news! Dean’s still skeptical. But Sam’s worried if Jack is attracting Donatello, he’s probably sending out waves to attract more angels as well and he needs to be protected.

It’s anti-possess tattoo time!!!! :D
Love Sam showing off his and saying it’s because they’re brothers and “it’s sort of like a family crest”. LOL
Sam reiterates that Donatello didn’t sense anything evil from Jack, but Dean dismisses it tells Sam he’s too attached to the kid. “What do you need, a sign?” Sam counters that they can train him to be good. Meanwhile the tattoo artist begins and Jack feels pain and then the guy is flying against the wall. "Well, there’s your sign", says Dean. But Jack doesn’t even know how it happened. It hurt, and Dean tells him things will hurt and you’ve gotta just man up and take it. Ah….Dean knows this all too well. :( Jack gets that and things are good then. What the hell is that other symbol??? Oooh….then they just disappear!!!! So much for that! Dean: “Well there’s your second sign!”

Oh, damn…a demon spots them leaving!

Love this discussion….with Jack right there! LOL
Sam’s arguing that Jack doesn’t know what he’s doing and can be trained for good.
Dean argues that he’s Lucifer’s child and thus is automatically evil, and he got Cas killed. Huh??? How is Jack’s connection to Cas responsible for getting him killed? I don’t get that logic.
Donatello’s all “The nature vs. nurture conundrum.” and gets a little more touchy feely than the boys like. :P
Dean’s had enough….Jack is the devil. And Jack is gone.

Aw, poor Jack….Sam finds him sitting in the alley alone. He remembers Kelly’s words to him, how she loved him.
Ah, so he did teleport! He wanted to get away from all the anger “and suddenly I was.”
Such a sweet scene between Jack and Sam. Love how Sam explains Dean’s anger towards Jack….that’s it’s frustration and anger that turns to fear. Dean feels it’s his job to protect everyone and they need to protect Jack, but they might also have to protect people from him. Jack wonders if he’s worth all this and Sam says his mom thought so, and Cas, and he does, too.

Dean would wind up in a bar…this gal is totally something else….demon?
She’s waaaaay too interested and knowledgable about who they are!
Gah! Body of her behind the bar. I knew it!!!!!
Oh! It was Asmo himself!!!!!

So Sam stuck Jack in Donatello’s room for the night….wise choice.
How do we know this is Donatello????
Don wants to know how powerful Jack is and Sam’s found that nephilim can be more powerful then the angel who sired them. So since Lucifer is an archangel, pretty darned powerful. But Sam says Jack seems to have a stronger connection to his mom than Lucifer, so he’s hoping they can mold Jack to good with that.

Back in the AU….Mary’s okay! Oh, damn….a human…with a gun. Once he finds out she’s human he starts acting all creepy. Ew. Back off, dude! Beat his ass, Mary! Geez! Lucifer to the rescue.
He’s all, where were you, we need each other. We get out of here, we get our boys back!
Mary: “You think I want you to win?”
Bastard then hurts her! Grrrrr!!!!!

Great scene between the boys here. Sam lays it all out what Dean’s doing. That they’ve lost everyone, people who’ve been in their lives a long time, but they’ve been down like this before and they always find a way. Jack is scared of who he is and he’s scared of Dean. Meanwhile, Dean is looking at Sam like he drank the KoolAid.

Donatello walks in and wants to talk about Jack…Sam tells him he was just there and they talked. Uh, oh…..I knew it! Something was off in that other scene! They check the room and Jack is gone.

Sam’s wondering if he was talking to a shifter before but Dean wonders what a shifter would want with Jack. Donatello can feel where Jack went….time to follow! Dean goes to grab their gear and…ATTACK!!!! It's a demon!!! OMG These fight scenes are friggin’ AWESOME!!!! Whoah! Totally new stuff! Sam to the rescue!

Dean: First angels, now demons. Terrific!
Sam: I guess the word is out.

Time to grab Donatello, but someone’s already got him. Hey, is that Jared’s stunt double???
OMG Dean throwing the angel blade! So BADASS!!!! And HOT!!!! Right in the neck! That’s not easy to do. Even Sam looks impressed. Heh.

Dean: Well housekeeping is not gonna like this.

Ooooh, pretty location. No idea where, but it looks like somewhere south? Surrey? White Rock???
We see Asmo!Donatello with Jack….asking him about God. Oh, geez…this can’t be good. Don’t listen to him, Jack!!!!! He wants Jack to learn how to use his gifts. Oh, no….he tells Jack there’s soldiers trapped in hell, the Shadeem and God wants him to rescue them. He can be a hero.
Jack tries to open a hole in the earth, down to hell.

Oooh! Pretty Impala shot!!!!
Donatello is directing them to Jack…and the vibes next to him are not good, they’re dark. They’re headed to Jasper, Wyoming and Sam finds out in dad’s journal that Jasper is home to a gateway to hell. And this gate leads to “A place where unimaginable evil emirates from creatures too wicked for the pit to hold.”

Back in the AU, Lucifer is complaining about Mary’s human weaknesses and not being able to keep up. Then they run into a batch of angels. And they don’t believe he’s Lucifer because Lucifer was killed by the archangel, Michael. They’re gonna smite him and Luci takes them out with a snap of his fingers. Uh, oh…another incoming angel! Oh, hello Michael. Love Lucifer’s joke about a spaghetti western. :P

Oh, man….Jack opens up a hole in the earth!
Hurry boys!!!! EeeK! Scary arm with claws!!!!!
Boys are there! Asmo is revealed and he attacks the boys and Donatello. Jack closes up the hole. Phew! Sam tells Jack this dude is a demon. Jack doesn’t like him hurting his friends. Go Jack!!!!
He scares Asmo off! Phew!

Back to Lucifer, Mary, and Michael.
Of course, Luci blames Mary for him being there. Sheesh!
Wait…they’re gonna just punch each other??? They’re archangels! Where’s the power????
Mary’s wondering if she should run for it when Michael tells Lucifer the same thing he told her….Maybe he needs him alive.

Ah, boys at home in the Bunker at last. Love this sneaky shot from the hallway of them inside the kitchen. OMG DEAN’S IN A HENLEY!!!!! *swoons* :D
Sam says Jack saved them, but Dean says it wasn’t it was just a reflex, a sneeze and next time he might kill them. C’mon Dean!
Dean goes down the hall to check out a strange sound…Holy crap! He finds Jack stabbing himself repeatedly with a big knife! The wounds then heal over. Dean rushes in and grabs the knife away from him. He points out the knife won’t hurt him and then…what the hell??? Jack says exactly…what the hell is he? He can’t control his powers, who he is. He’s afraid he’ll hurt someone.

Dean: You know my brother thinks you can be saved.
Jack: You don’t believe that.
Dean: No, I don’t.
Jack: So if you’re right…
Dean: If I’m right, and it comes to killing you? I’ll be the one to do it.

Final Thoughts

Another very good episode. I'm encouraged! :D

Ok, I get that Dean's hurting and he needs someone to blame for Cas's death and Mary being well, she might as well be dead as far as Dean is concerned. But to blame Jack for all that is wrong IMO. It's obvious that he doesn't understand his powers and can't entirely control them. He doesn't mean to hurt anyone intentionally and he already considers the boys his friends. Yet Dean is still all, I have to kill this "thing" 'cause it comes from something evil. *sigh* So I get it, because this is Dean and Dean is always eager to take care of the problem and just kill something when he's hurting, but I'm just saying...it seems misplaced as far as Jack is concerned.

Sam gets Jack though. He wants to believe in Jack's good intentions, that he can be molded to something good and I feel the same way. Jack seems scared of his own powers, so he doesn't have any evil intentions. I think Sam's plan, which will hopefully lead to Jack re-opening the rift and getting Mary back is a good one.

Good to see Donatello again and that he is of help to the boys, even soulless. So is he also at the Bunker with the boys and Jack? I would think they'd want to keep him safe, since he can at least track Jack down if he disappears for whatever reason.

I like Asmodeaus! Love the whole southern-preacher vibe he's got going on with the exterior while housing a Prince of Hell / demon on the inside. A very interesting combination!

Has Lucifer met his match with the AU Michael??? Maybe Michael will be Mary's savior? This could get very interesting! Btw, I thought the show did a pretty good job with the jumping back and forth to and from the AU, except near the end of the ep after Michael showed up. Then I think they should have just played his bit out. I might change my mind after future re-viewings though.

Anyway, it was a very good episode and by "those" writers as well.
I give it a A-.

So excited for next week because it's the ep I saw them film a bit of after VanCon in August!!! Weeeeee!!! :D


Drexel: Lord Lucifer promised he would return. He'll pull us out of chaos. He will make Hell great again.

Asmodeus: I am Asmodeus.
Drexel: Fourth Prince of Hell.
Asmodeus: Here to rule until such time until Lucifer returns with his son, and there's gonna be some changes. The underperforming and ineffective, the corporate lackeys of the Crowley era are being purged. The grand ol' days of fire and brimstone are back. The following will step forward: Mr. Drexel, Mr. Harrington, Mr. Sierra. As for the rest of ya'll... There's a new sheriff in town.

Sam: Hey, we still got probably twelve hours until we're home. Do you want me to drive?
Dean: Do I ever want you to drive?

Dean: “When we try to bend the rules, pretend that the bad guys aren’t so bad or that things will get fixed, that’s when people that we care about get hurt. And then we end up doing what we should’ve done in the first place, which is end the problem.”

Dean: Wait, wait, wait, wait. How old do you think you are?
Jack: Three days, seventeen hours, and forty-two minutes.

Jack: This book, it mentions my Father. Not Castiel, but Lucifer.
Dean: Oh, yeah. He's big in the Bible, lot of screen time.
Jack: And you knew him?
Sam: He's not really an easy guy to know, he's rough around the edges.
Dean: He's Satan.

Dean: “Sometimes things hurt, so you just man up and deal with it."
Jack: “Yes, I understand . Pain is a part of the complete human experience. Accepting it is a sign of maturity."

Sam: You okay?
Donatello: Pretty much. No soul of course, thanks to Amara. It's kinda like losing your appendix. You never really noticed it when you had it. But now when I come to a moral crossroad, I ask myself, 'what would Mr. Rogers do?' And as soon as I nail that, I'm usually good.

Lucifer: “You don’t get to defy God and beat the Cage without having a modicum of intelligence.”

Lucifer: “In a perfect world I would probably kill you and your plotting sons, but life isn’t fair.”

Sam: I tell you what, you got some special skills Jack. That's for sure. You just need to make sure to get a grip on them, so -- so you don't hurt anybody.
Jack: Is that why Dean hates me?
Sam: Dean doesn't hate you. It -- look sometimes the wires in Dean's head get crossed, and -- and he gets frustrated, and then he mixes frustration with anger and -- and fear.
Jack: Why would he be afraid.
Sam: Because Dean feels like it's his job to protect everyone, and right now we need to protect you. But we also we may need to protect people from you.
Jack: Maybe I'm not worth all this.
Sam: Your mom thought you were. So did Cas. So do I.

Donatello: Ah, the nature versus nurture conundrum. Speaking not as prophet, but as a scientist. I don't think teaching him is in the cards. It's like asking a lion not to be a lion.
Sam: But this isn't a lion! This is a human!
Donatello: With a strong dose of God juice.
Dean: Okay, that's it I'm done. Because he's not God, he's not Cas, he' not Simba. He's the freakin' Devil.

Lucifer: You're welcome. Ah, Mary in case you didn't notice it, but you left without me. What is wrong with you, we need each other. This is a win-win situation. Okay? We get out of this theme park and we get our boys back.
Mary: You think I want you to win?

Sam: Alright, you know what? I know what's going on here.
Dean: Oh, okay. Please tell me what's going on here?
Sam: You. Thinking that Mom is gone and Cas is gone and that Jack can't be saved. Dean, after everything we've gone through, we just lost people we love. People who have been in our lives a long time, everything's upside down. I get it. But we've been down before, I mean rock bottom. But we find a way and fix it, because that's what we do. And Jack wants to do the right thing, Jack's scared to death of who he is and he's scared of you.

Lucifer: Are you tired? Really? You know what? Let me tell you a couple of things. First of all we need to blow this taco stand, before who knows what happens to my son. And second of all, you're the reason we're even stuck in this literally God forsaken place to begin with, so I'm sorry you're tired. It's not my fault you were born a wimpy little human, with your wimpy little lungs and wimpy little legs.

Michael: You are Lucifer. I can feel it. But how is that even possible?
Lucifer: You know alternate universes, inter-dimensional travel, blah, blah, blah. It's her fault. I buy that you're Michael. But you sorta seem like a cheap knockoff to the one I left behind. And he's a hot mess.
Michael: I killed my Lucifer. Tore him apart in the skies over Abilene. But hey, can't get enough of a good thing.

Sam: These yellow-eyed things just keep on coming, huh?
Dean: Mmhmm. Yeah, hopefully this fourth Prince of Hell is the last Kardashian of the family.

Sam: Dean wait a second. The kid came through for us today. Jack saved us.
Dean: No. No, whatever that was, that was reflex. That was a sneeze. Maybe the next time he sneezes, he kills us.

Dean: Okay, what the hell? Gimme that. Don't be an idiot? Look, A, this isn't going to do anything to you, okay? And B, what the hell?
Jack: Exactly. What the hell am I? I can't control... whatever this is. I will hurt someone.
Dean: You know my brother thinks you can be saved.
Jack: You don't believe that.
Dean: No, I don't.
Jack: So, if you're right?
Dean: If I'm right, and it comes to killing you. I'll be the one to do it.

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