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Video: SPN 13x03 On Set: Protective Jensen/Dean

Spent the day/evening converting and uploading all my videos shot on location in New Westminster during the filming of a few scenes from 13x03 "Patience". Thought I'd start with this edited piece as a teaser. There was this little moment with Jensen that I wanted to single out.

Below is the text from my youtube video page:
This was an amusing moment captured on location in New Westminster on Aug 15, 2017 during the filming of Supernatural 13x03 "Patience". Jensen Ackles filming with Kim Rhodes and Loretta Devine. They were filming the scene where Dean drives up and hugs Missouri and Jody and just as "Cut!" was yelled Jensen reacted to a loud muscle car that drove by - thinking someone might've stolen Baby! So cute!

It made me think of the scene in S3's "Red Sky At Morning" when Dean gets upset over the Impala being stolen.

Tags: actors: jensen ackles, actors: kim rhodes, supernatural, video, youtube
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