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SPN Fandom Movie troubles

After waiting so long for a chance, I was finally able to buy the SPN Fandom Movie DVD at VanCon in August. Now I've seen some of the episodes (thank you amberdreams!) but never the whole set or the movie itself. And I bought the DVD because Clif & Mitch assured us there would be English captioning/subtitles on the DVDs. I was right there in the VanCon audience during their special panel for the movie when a fan asked them that question. Subtitles/captioning is a big deal to me because my mom needs them due to her being very hard of hearing. And I really wanted her to watch the DVD to better understand me and my obsession with this show.

I thought what better time to watch than after our Thanksgiving dinner?
Put the disc in and no option for subtitles. Okay, where's the closed captioning? Nothing. I tried both machines that we have and both discs in the set and I couldn't get anything at all! No subtitles, no closed captioning!
I'm so disappointed! We watched the movie part, but mom said she really couldn't understand what they were saying most of the time and so she just ended up falling asleep. :(

I tweeted to Jason Fischer about it since he was the Executive Producer on the project, but of course, I haven't heard anything back 'cause the SPN cast & crew are on Thanksgiving week vacation.

Has anyone else had this problem with the SPN Fandom Movie DVDs? Or did I get a dud?

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