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First Impressions Review: 13x07 "War Of The Worlds"

Because I watched the episode so late, I'm doing my review differently. Namely, it's a lot shorter than normal. I didn't give a blow-by-blow, bit-by-bit of the scenes and instead kind of summarized what happened. Maybe this is how I'll continue to do my reviews?

Michael wants to open the rift again to Paradise on Earth and he has his own Kevin Tran to carry it out.
Problem is, it only allows one person through and Lucifer escapes and slips through the door instead.
But he winds up on Earth without his powers.

While Cas goes off to talk to the angels about Jack's whereabouts, the boys take on a case where witches are being tortured and then killed.
Turns out it's Arthur Ketch's twin brother, Alexander, who is now a hunter and trying to find Rowena.
Dean doesn't believe Alexander's story & doesn't trust him, but Sam is more willing to listen.

So the angels are becoming extinct and they're hoping Jack will be able to help bolster their numbers somehow.
Lucifer shows up to save Cas from the angels, but he's weak and warns Cas that this world, everyone here is in serious danger.
Lucifer is very fearful of what AU Michael is going to do and then he finds out that Cas doesn't even know where his son, Jack, is.

Love how the boys have the phones all set up and labeled like Bobby did.
The boys get a mysterious phone call from Cas and go rushing to his location.
Problem is, Asmodeus has tracked down Lucifer and knows he doesn't have any powers.
The boys arrive to find an empty, darkened bar, except for a band of demons to fight.
Alexander comes to the rescue and helps them kill the demons!
So Dean's instinct's were right on again!!! This is Arthur Ketch! He used the same trick Rowena did to bring his body back from the dead.
And he escapes from the boys. *sigh*

So Asmodeus has Lucifer & Cas locked up and we find out Ketch is working for him!!! Gah!!!!


Lucifer: I got plenty of gripes with the old man. His self-righteous narcissism, His 'my way or the highway' quirk. I gotta hand it to Him. He had a couple of great seconds when He banged out the universe. Guy had creative chops. And optimism. I'll give Him that. And despite His pissiness and His massive lack of irony, He did give mankind a good time at bat and a chance to live in paradise. He ruled. He smote. He parted waters. Worshiped by creatures who made God in man's image. And then He got disappointed. Or worse, bored. Picked up all His toys and... left. What was that?
Michael: Hitched a ride on your temporal lobe. Saw your world. That paradise you left behind? Believe I'll take up residence, lend my guiding hand.

Lucifer: Hey, hey hey. I got an idea. Why don't you wail on Mary Winchester for a while? I'll get a latte, okay? Or not.
Michael: Look at you. You claim to be a god in your world. Here you're pathetic.
Lucifer: Hey, you try interdimensional travel sometime, pal. Definitely no frills. And just to be clear I never claimed to be God. Or a god, okay? Where I come from God is a paradox. He's everywhere, in your mind. In reality, He's nowhere. He left. I, on the other hand, am the real deal. I am everything humanity thinks I am and worse. That's who you're dealing with, pal. But hey, congratulations on being king of the hill of this dead rock.

Kevin: I've assembled all the elements annotated in the angel tablets. Of course, I haven't done this before -- no one here has -- and any predictions are only predictive, not declarative probabilities being what they are or could be. Maybe. Or not. But a fly in the ointment exists.

Lucifer: Kevin, what are you doing, getting mixed up with Michael?
Kevin: I don't have a choice. I'm a prophet, so I serve God, but there's no God to serve, so I serve the ranking deity, which is Michael, because I don't have a choice because I'm a prophet.
Lucifer: Idiot. Can't you see Michael is a monster? Pure evil?
Kevin: Okay, I'm confused. Aren't you Satan? Which would make you the evil monster? And Besides, Michael's taking me to paradise world so I can meet hot women.
Lucifer: I'm sorry. What?

Dean: Don't mess with us, okay. You already killed Mick. You tried to kill us. You messed our mom right up. We're already pissed off. So I wouldn't do that.

Dean: Do I look stupid to you?
Ketch: Is that a trick question?
Sam: So, you're really going to sit there with a straight face and tell us that you have an evil twin?

Ketch: “Isn’t that what we Hunters do, kill the bad thing?”

Sam: All right. For argument's sake, we know Mom shot Arthur, and we know we dumped his corpse into the waste canal. So even if this is weird, yes, it's weird, but we eat weird every day.
Dean: Yeah, but there's Ripley's Believe It or Not! weird, and then there's weird that's just straight-up bull. Now I'm thinking that Ketch weird is door number two.

Lucifer: Okay I get it, I get it. Custody of my son is a non-starter. But if you can please just shelve the eternal enemies thing for a second, we have a situation. And by 'we,' I mean everything alive. We're sorta... all gonna die.
Castiel: You'll forgive me if I'm a little on edge. The last time we were together, you killed me.
Lucifer: Well, last time we were together, you stabbed me.

Lucifer (to Castiel): “It’s time to save the world. Be the heroic Castiel instead of the butt of Heaven’s joke.”

Dean: You know I gotta hand it to you, that paper trail you cooked up, pretty impressive. But my gut told me it was bologna, looks like my gut was right. See, I've been in it with you, Arthur. I've seen your moves, we've gone toe-to-toe and I saw that look in your eye when asked about our Mom. So why don't you cut the crap?
Ketch: Actually, everything I told you was true. Well, except for the twin brother thing. I am separated from the British Men of Letters, lying low because they will kill me for desertion. I make a rather good living as a sort of soldier of fortune deep underground, for a certain sort of clientele who appreciate my skill set and I do use the name Alexander.

Asmodeus: As I was saying I'm a collector, I like to be prepared. Lucifer could be useful. Castiel is a card to play if the Winchesters get out of line. And if there is any truth to the story that a new version of Michael is coming, I'm really gonna need that Nephilim.
Ketch: You really needn't worry.

Final Thoughts

Well, we got the return of two more characters: Kevin and Ketch. Though Kevin really isn't our Kevin. This AU Kevin seemed much more nervous, but then he is working for Michael. Anyway, it was fun to see Osric on the show again.

As for Ketch...I don't know how I feel about his return. Gut reaction was..."Really???" I mean the twin story did seem a bit much, but him using the same trick as Rowena to bring his body back to life seems even more unlikely. He was shot...twice! Did the magic make the bullets disappear from his body??? Seems unlikely. Rowena's resurrection made more sense because she just got her neck broken. But with Ketch? I think they're asking us to accept quite a lot. And for the record, I like the actor, but Ketch was dark, evil, and dead. Why couldn't we leave him like that? Maybe show will turn me around on the idea. We'll see.

Still trying to adjust to this new Castiel. He seems...more human and more like the Sam & Dean. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it's just different. As for Lucifer, I'm wondering why he lost his powers. Going back and forth through the rift Jack opened didn't diminish them, so why now?

The episode was pretty good, despite questioning a few things. I'd give it a B.
So what do you all think of this shorter type of review? Let me know.

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