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First Impressions Review: 13x08 "The Scorpion And The Frog"

Yay! Didn't take days and days this time to get and watch the episode. \0/
Btw, this is a little longer than last time, but not as long a review as you usually see from me. Win? I think so.

So we begin in England of all places, yet again. A couple of stolen manuscripts by a demon, delivered to another demon who calls the boys and sets up a meet.
Love it when the boys do that whole silent communication thing! ♥
And then they're just walking down a busy city street in daylight talking about demons like it's the most common thing in the world! LOL
This demon, Bart, knows all about the boys...and Dean's love of pie. That looks too dark to be cherry btw.
Ah, Sam...always the voice of wisdom & logic. They need to take this chance to find Jack with the locator spell Bart is willing to give them.
But at what cost?
Bart needs some of his property stolen from a safe at a man's house, Luther, a sadist.
Really show??? Sam's been to hell, too! For all the knowledge Bart has on the boys you'd think he'd know that! Grrrrr!
Well that was a different exorcism spell.

Why is Sam driving the Impala so slow? Gotta be the slowest she's ever been driven. lol
Sam: Dean?
Dean: Yeah?
Sam: Don't get dead.
Dean: Yeah, you too.

Is this house gonna be full of traps? 'Cause that would be very cool!
I like Smash, she's cool and Dean likes her, too. Which means she's gonna die! probably.
OMG Dean as a divining rod to the vault and the safe! Too funny!!!!
Oh, no! Luther knows and Sam's in trouble!!! Man, these fight scenes are so impressive this season!
Btw, that wallpaper is so pretty!
Great! Luther can't die on his own property. Ouch! Rock to the head for Sam. :(
OMG First, DEAN'S AFRAID OF SPIDERS!!!! As if my love of this character couldn't get bigger! We're soulmates, Dean....SOULMATES!
Second, this scene is pure brilliance by Jensen. All the little noises, expressions, reactions. PURE GOLD!!! Why hasn't this man won an Emmy? Oh, yeah...'cause he's on a friggin' GENRE show and nobody cares about those!!!! *heavy sigh*
And then we have Smash's exasperation with him and deadpanned, "You gonna live?" LOL Awesome! I love these two together.
Uh, oh...bye, bye Grab. And Smash runs off and leaves Dean to face Luther. Thankfully Sam shows up in the nick to time to warn Dean and Luther has a glass jaw. Heh.

Great, so to get to the safe they have to figure out a riddle and avoid super poisonous darts! Peachy.
Uh, Dean...that was a terrible tape job on Luther's mouth.
Hee!Hee! Btw, I love "Entrapment". ;)
Sam using his head! They use Luther to have all the darts shoot out.
Uh...but it looks like they totally could have crawled on their hands and knees and gotten to the safe since those dart mouth thingies are only up from the floor about 3 feet! Show, stop thinking the boys and your audience is stupid!
Smash/Alice comes back in time to open the safe...and reveal that she sold her soul and as long as she does jobs for Bart he doesn't collect.
Uh, boys...don't you think you should have checked out what else was in that safe before you took off? Could be something useful in there!
And Luther escaped...wonderful.
Nice shots of the trio driving away in the Impala.
Gah! Luther! OMG What an amazing stunt of Dean driving in reverse with Luther in the truck and Sam shooting out his tire! ♥ :)
So we learn Luther made his own deal with Bart to save his sick son, but it didn't work and he then got leverage on Bart...his bones are in the trunk from the safe.
Gah! Bart killed Luther!

Ok, so a lot happens here that I won't go into except: Standoff!
And Smash burns Bart's bones and the spell goes up in flames because Sam blows on it instead of trying to smother the friggin' flames! *sigh*
Now Bart did show them the other half of the spell so...if the boys had photographic memory (or Smash does!) they'd know what the spell was anyway.

Hee! So happy Alice lives to see the rest of her life now. Hope she stays weird and stays out of trouble.
DEAN IN A HENLEY!!!!!! *swoons* :D
Aw, sweet end scene with the boys and beers at the Bunker. Now it's Dean's turn to be optimistic and say they'll just keep trying and working until they find what works to get Jack and reassure Sam. :)


Barthamus: “What about your nephilim? Word on the street is, he’s gone rogue."
Dean: “Yeah, what street is that?"
Bart: “Hell Street. Hell Avenue. Just Hell really."

Dean: You know what 'miracles' are called from demons? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's not 'miracles.'
Sam: How about this? Let's just hear the guy out.
Dean: All right, and after that, we kill him.

Bart: “I’ve been following your careers for a long time. You’re real pain in the pitchfork. And the halo. Natural disrupters, we have that in common.”

Barthamus: I'm a crossroads demon, Sam. After Crowley's promotion to King of Hell, the crossroads demon. Helping people is what I do. My raison d'etre.

Dean: Well, see, here's the thing. When a demon asks us to jump, we don't say 'how high.' We just ice their ass.
Barthamus: How very Dean of you.

Dean: Look, whatever game Bart is playing, I-I-I don't wanna play it, but Sam, you know that these things don't usually go our way.
Sam: Doesn't matter. Jack is out there, in the world, and he's alone, and he's scared, and he's dangerous. And if this is our chance to find him, we have to take it.

Dean: All right, well, I've seen this movie a thousand times. Some asshat too fancy to get his hands dirty plans a job, swears it'll all go smooth, and it does until bang! And everything goes screaming off the rails, and it's our asses You know he's going to screw us over first chance he gets.
Sam: Not if we screw him over first. Listen, we want that spell, right? I mean we need that spell. We definitely don't want Asmodeus getting his hands on it. So, let's do this. Have him hand over the other half of the spell.
Dean: And then?
Sam: And then, like you said. We kill him.

Dean: Hey, Winona. The '90s called. They'd like their shoes back.

Sam: Dean? Don't get dead.
Dean: You too.

Dean: I mean, there could be anything in there. Anything, right? There could be spiders. There could be smite-y blade things, snakes…spiders. - You don't even know, do you? - Correct. I How about this? What if I cut myself, put it on, like, a little piece of paper? We'll just wad it up and throw it in the mouth, okay? Okay.

Dean: There was supposed to be a safe, not some Dollar Store Indiana Jones crap.

Dean: Well, looks like gun beats knife, so how about you hand over the safe, and then we'll all be home in time to watch Game of Thrones.
Shrike: I'm more of a book guy.

Sam: Wing it? Dean, these -- these aren't like the lasers in Entrapment. There are infinite possible combinations and pressure-released darts.
Dean: Did you just say Entrapment?
Sam: I don't know. I mean, I don't -- I don't watch a whole lot of those kind of movies.
Dean: Yeah, but you saw Entrapment?
Sam: ...Catherine Zeta Jones.

Sam: You sold your soul.
Alice: And if I could take it back, I would. But sorry, Charlie. I can't. So here I am. And as long as I keep working for him, Bart never collects. So you gonna let me do my thing or what?
Sam: Look, it doesn't have to be that way.
Dean: You know, we could help you.
Alice: No, you can't. I gotta take care of me.

Barthamus: Let me see if I understand. You two do-gooding idiots are willing to welch on our deal. Throw away the only chance you have at finding your boy, because I killed a 200-year-old blackmailing piece of garbage, is that it?
Dean: Yeah, that. And we just don't like you.

Dean: You okay?.
Sam: Yeah, not really. Not exactly the best day, you know?
Dean: Well, it's not the worst. We did save somebody. That felt good.
Sam: Yeah. Yeah, it did. But back to square one with Jack.
Dean: We'll figure something else out. And if that doesn't work, then we'll move on to next, and then whatever's after that. We just keep working, 'cause it's what we do.
Sam: It feels really good to hear you talk like that again.
Dean: I'll drink to that.


Okay, this was a fun episode and a fairly good one except...


Let's go over them again:
+ Dean AND Sam have been to hell. Why wasn't this brought up???
+ That stupid room with the tiles & the darts that they could have easily avoided to get to the safe.
+ The boys just take the wooden crate from the vault, ignoring everything else in there that could be useful.
+ Letting Bart go up in flames with the spell in his hand. You couldn't run over there and grab it sooner Sam?
+ Sam blowing on the burning parchment spell to try and put it out. Are you kidding me???

*sigh* I can overlook some idiotic TV logic, but when you have this many things, and big things, it sort of takes over my full enjoyment of the episode. I don't like Sam & Dean being portrayed as stupid and I don't like the show thinking it's audience is stupid or will overlook these little mistakes either. This show has been on for a long time, the fandom knows every little thing about it! And when you have a character say he knows all about the Winchesters in one scene and then not acknowledge Sam's time in hell in the next scene, he sort of loses his credibility.

I'm not a big fan of this episode's writer. Couldn't stand her Hitler/Nazi ep last season and this one I fear will be paired right with it. Is nobody else on the writing staff assisting her? Offering her suggestions? I mean, there's some great moments in this ep, but then there's all the very bad stuff. *sigh*

So...if you don't count the stupid points above, this episode would score a B+, but with all those points, that I can't ignore or forget...I'm giving it a C-. Ugh. Why show? Why???? :(

Looking forward to next week's Mid-Season finale.
Hopefully, they'll kick off the hiatus with a bang and a cliffhanger! ;)

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