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Status Report

Thought I'd make a post about what I'm working on for LJ, what's still in the works, etc.

First, has anyone else noticed their images being gone in their sidebar???
I noticed it over a month ago, but finally looked into it about a week or so ago. Found that LJ had taken all the URLs I put in from Slickpic and changed them to one starting with https://imgprx.livejournal(dot)net/. WTH???
So I just went through all the links and replaced them with the SlickPic ones yet again! So far they're there, but for how long? Don't like LJ just replacing my links as they please. Grrrr! Odd how the animated gif links from PhotoLand at the top of the Sidebar were not affected at all.

Also, the page view counters that I had in the Sidebar don't work at all anymore. Phooey! That's disappointing. Though I think the Flag one does work, but only in FireFox. Weird.

Moving on!

To Be Capped:
13x08 Highlight Caps
13x09 Highlight Caps
JA Directing
NerdHQ 2015 SPN Panel
SPN 2015 SDCC Panel
SPN Season 10 Gag Reel
SPN Season 11 Gag Reel
SPN Season 12 Gag Reel
NerdHQ 2016 SPN Cast
SPN 2016 SDCC Panel
SPN 2017 SDCC Panel
+ Cap more Season 6 & 7 eps for Beginning & Ending Posts
+ Cap more Season 7 eps for Perfectly Timed Credits Posts
+ Cap Seasons 10-12 for The Road So Far Cap sets

Caps to Finish for Posting:
+ SPN 1x05 "Bloody Mary" -- Sort/Delete, Fix, Upload, & Post to LJ -- Then pull Highlight Caps to post
+ SPN 4x16 "On The Head Of A Pin" -- Upload & Post to LJ -- Then pull Highlight Caps to post
+ J2 on Conan (July 2017) Caps -- Sort/Delete, Fix, Upload, & Post to LJ
+ JP on Jimmy Kimmel (Oct 2017) Caps -- Sort/Delete, Fix, Upload, & Post to LJ

LJ Comm Stuff:
+ Replace image links on Season 7 posts at spn_locations
+ Make list of locations that no longer exist for spn_locations
+ Replace image links on Area Location Lists for spn_locations
+ Cap 1x21 for Locations
+ Replace Google Maps & Street View images for Season 1-7 posts at spn_locations
+ Continue to gather con video caps of J2 for J2 Convention Clothing Guide at spnconcatalog
+ Post a panel video Summary List w/Timecodes at spnconcatalog
+ Post a panel video Transcript at spnconcatalog
+ Try to get some new post ideas for positively_spn
+ Fix more caps for hurtwinchesters

Misc. Stuff:
+ Sort/Delete Etc. Caps from SPN 607-614 for hurtwinchesters, Beginning & Ending posts, and Sample Caps
+ Sort/Delete Etc. Caps from SPN 701-703 for hurtwinchesters, Beginning & Ending posts, and Sample Caps
+ Post more finished SPN Animations

Then there's getting back to the SPN Revealed Posts (someday next year, I hope!), resuming SPN Goes B&W Posts and The SPN Timestamp Lottery, and of course more of your Just 'Cause Cap Requests! Oh, and I'm working on putting together some Special SPN Picspams! Shhhh! SUPER SECRET!!! Hee! :P

I'm also working on re-uploading the older SPN Gag Reel Caps and getting back to making/posting the Hi-Res Caps from Season 11 (as requested...you thought I forgot, didn't you?).

There's probably other stuff that I'm forgetting to mention, but this is the bulk of it. Thank goodness I write most of this stuff down now! I'd never remember it all.

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