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First Impressions Review: 13x09 "The Bad Place"

Sorry this is so late, but it took forever to get the episode so I could re-watch it again and take my notes.

Those words on the edge of Derek's table keep distracting me...Deeds???
Pretty cool that Derek's already been to the Alternate Universe....not his favorite though.
Thanks to Jodi's call about Jack, now we'll never know what Dean had in that paper bag. Dammit!
Geez, perfect grades, perfect SATs...no pressure here! Patience's dad is tough!
Ah, frog dissection....I remember doing that in Junior High.
Love this scene of the boys in the car right by that mural! Beautifully shot! *stares*
Good to see them using John's journal again.
The Rehab Center is actually Riverview!!!! *location geek*
"Apocalypse World"...is this what we're calling it now?
Kaia gets kidnapped by a couple of angels to use her as bait to get Jack.
Patience has a vision of the Bad Place...and Jodi! Gah!!!!
More beautiful shots of the boys inside the car!

Ok, as soon as Jack said that Lucifer is nobody to him and that Sam, Dean, and Cas are his family I immediately thought, "Uh, oh!". I mean, what if show is setting us up for Jack turning evil? What if this is all a big set-up. Jack did have a flashback of Lucifer talking to him before he was born (they even showed it again before this ep), so what if Lucifer set up this plan for Jack to go along and play the innocent and do what the Winchesters wanted him to do all so it can bite them in the ass later on? I like Jack, I really want him to be good, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking that there's no way show is going to let us have that.

Ah, the old, "You leave home, don't ever come back." line...we've heard that one before!
For the record, I don't like the little zooming in shots during the scene outside of the building where they rescue Kaia. I know that's common practice on TV today, but I was taught old school filmmaking and that sort of thing smacks of poor camera work in my mind. It's so darned distracting! :(
Dean with the gun on Kaia and the "Get in the damn car!"...scary! Honestly surprised Sam didn't react more to that. I mean, I get it (sorta). Dean knows he was wrong all this time and their mom is alive and in danger...hurting. All he wants to do is save her as fast as possible. But yeah, his reaction kinda shocked me.

Uh, that was more like 10 seconds that Jack showed Kaia, not 5. :P
Btw, I totally found this location where the derelict ship is thanks to hints from a fan on FB! ;)
Cool effect of the angels trying to break through the warding!
Sam: What if something goes wrong?
Dean: Something is already going wrong!

Heh. Too true...in most episodes.
Soooo....based on what we see while Kaia and Jack on dreamwalking, there's lots of other Alternate Universes out there! Interesting! Certainly opens up things for the show if they end up going to a bunch of them.
Whoah! Who's the scary figure in the dark cloak in the Bad Place??? o.O
Jack & Kaia not only kill all the angels outside, they open up another rift/door and they all disappear!
Hee! It's the SPN Loons! Good to hear them again. :P

Patience shows up at Jodi's door and tells her "Something bad is coming."
Ok, to be honest, those burnt angel wings look more like a kid's drawing on the wall.
So as we see...Kaia is here on Earth along a roadside, Jack is in Apocalypse World with Mary, and the boys...are in the Bad Place...with a really big footprint!!!!
At least the boys are together and have their angel swords so they're not totally unarmed.
So is it dinosaurs or as one fan is thinking, dragons??? Either one is good as far as I'm concerned. :D


Jack: You're Derek Swan, Oglala Sioux, born and raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation.
Derek: I get it. You read the article.
Jack: Your father was a medicine man, and his father before him. Your lineage traces all the way back to the shaman Black Elk. You can see other worlds.

Kaia: I hate doing this to myself, putting that junk in my body, but it's the only thing that keeps me awake. It's the only thing that -- that keeps me from -- from the Bad Place.

Kaia: So what's your poison? Why are you here?
Jack: I like... cocaine.
Kaia: Okay, Suite Life. Well, I don't know why you're really here, but you're gonna have to find a new day one buddy, 'cause that's not really my thing.

Jack: I left to try and get a grip on my powers. I wanted to prove to you I'm good, to do one good thing. So I did the thing you wanted the most. I experimented, opening doors to other worlds. I could almost do it. I could get right to the edge. But I couldn't see. I could only feel around in the dark. I needed eyes. A seer.
Sam: A dreamwalker.
Jack: Yeah. So I researched like you taught me. That's how I found Derek. I didn't know if it would work, but it did. He dreamwalked, and I joined him in Apocaylpse World. I could see what he saw. And I saw... I saw her.
Sam: Her?
Jack: Your mother. She's alive.

Dean: You were right. About Mom. You were right. This whole time, we should have been looking for her.
Sam: Dean, I was just hoping. I didn't know. Anyways, it doesn't matter. Now that we do know --
Dean: We find her, no matter what it takes.

Jack: I was scared. I was upset. But why would I look for him? He's nothing to me. You. Castiel -- you're my family.
Dean: Yes, we are. Finding Mom. You did a good thing kid. You did a real good thing.

Patience: I see things before they happen. Usually small things -- a conversation, what someone will be wearing the next day. I tried pushing them down, ignoring them. But now? I can't. Dad this is who I am.
James: No. If you get involved in that. Look I was wrong to lie about Grandma. But you know what happened to her.
Patience: You raised me to do what's right, and this is what's right. If I don't go, people will die.
James: Patience, don't. You go now, you choose that life, you don't come back.

Kaia: “I’m not the kind of girl folks come for. In this world I don’t even rank a milk carton. No one is gonna come for me. I’m not rich, white, blonde. No one’s gonna fight for me. I don’t matter.”

Dean (to Kaia): “The whole world’s insane. You get used to it.”

Sam: So now what? We get Kaia to the Wind Caves, and then what? Force her to dreamwalk at gunpoint?
Dean: We get Mom back, no matter what. Remember?

Jack: Our powers can be good. We can do good in this world.

Female Angel: We need that boy, Dean Winchester. Heaven's running out of angels. Only he can save us.
Dean: As far as I'm concerned, you dicks can fry.

Kaia: What's happening?
Jack: Don't worry. We'll be fine.
Dean: We're screwed. There too damn many of 'em. We gotta go up, let's go.

Dean: Okay, all right, so then we go out guns blazing. We take out as many as we can. Kid, sorry to drag you into this. This was not your fight.
Jack: If they get up here, they'll kill you all and take me.
Kaia: No, they won't. You said I could help you find the door to another world, right? Yes. Let's do it. Let's get out of here.
Dean: Hey, can you take us to our mom? Can you do it?!
Jack: I don't know. I think so.

Patience: Jody I -- I had a vision. Something bad's coming.

Final Thoughts:

Wow! What an outstanding episode!
You get the feeling the show really upped the production value with this episode (and I'm assuming the next one, since they were filmed together). It felt more like a movie than a TV show. Great camera work, music, lighting. The only thing missing was one of those awesome fight scenes we've been seeing this season. The whole episode had a very cinematic, big, feel to it and I enjoyed the ride immensely.

I'm going to give this ep a solid A, leaning close to an A+.

Of course we know somehow, Kaia and the Wayward Sisters are going to save Sam & Dean. The fun part is going to be how and what all will the boys encounter before they're saved. Can't wait until January 18th when we find out! :D

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