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Video: SPN 12x15 Location Visit

Been meaning to post this little video, since I edited it way back in October. :P
It's now one of those little things I want to get posted before the end of the year, so here we go!

Back in August, after VanCon was finished, we ventured out for the usual Location Hunting. I had a few spots I wanted to check out and Ladner Harbour Park in Delta was one of them. I realize that this park has been used by SPN numerous times over the years, but I had just updated spn_locations with the list of locations for Season 12, and this park was used quite heavily for 12x15 "Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell".

In the video I walk you through this one spot where the Impala drives up and the boys get out to investigate the crime scene. It's then used 2 more times in the episode.
Luckily, when we first got there, I was all alone and was able to film this footage very easily. I did check out a section past the playground where Heaven's doorway/portal is filmed, because I thought it might be the camp scene from the opening of 12x15 where Gwen and her boyfriend are attacked by the hellhound. However, I couldn't find a spot that looked quite right (didn't help that when they filmed it was winter and I was there in the late summer). So sadly, that spot remains a mystery for now.

Hope you enjoy watching! :D

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