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Let's talk - Planning/Journaling

Here I thought I had all my planner/journal plans all set.

Ok, most of what I do is already set and I'm happy with it. But there's the one area of documenting my days...that's the problem area right now.

I used to use a Fauxbonichi, but in the middle of 2016 I gave it up for something much simpler: using a Happy Planner to document what happened each day. But then last year that became too much for me to keep with as well. *sigh* And I've been looking at the new Happy Planner I bought months ago and thinking, "I'm not sure I can really use this again." Gah!!!!

I want documenting the days to be creative, to use color, washi tape and/or stickers, but I want it to be EASY. Yeah, easier said than done.

So I'm trying to decide between:
- Using the Happy Planner again
- Going back to the Fauxbonichi style
- Or starting a new journal entirely - maybe just listing briefly what happens for the week on one page and then do creative stuff on the opposite/facing page.

So much to think about!!!! *pulls hair*
Sorry if this is terribly confusing. I actually plan on doing videos to show you all what I use to plan and document things in my life.

What do you all use for planning/documenting?

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