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Back in Time: B&W Caps of Jensen Singing at JibCon6 (2015)

Here's the Black & White Cap Set. Same info. from Monday's post below. Enjoy!

I originally capped & posted the video of Jensen singing "Sweet Home Alabama" (and dedicating it to Jared who wasn't there) way back in 2015. So of course, I would forget that after all this time...Ooops! I came across the same video on youtube and capped it again! LOL

Since the zipped folder of caps from the original post is no longer available I figured I'd just go ahead and post this new set of caps anyway. So I hope you enjoy these images...again. ;)

Check out the link above if you want to watch the video. Highly recommended!

:: Cap Size: 1080 x 607 :: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

Select from any of the 60 caps below:
You can also view the entire album of 60 caps here: http://slickpic.us/1639987U,NU
Download: JA Sings JibCon6 B&W Caps by Raloria.zip - 11 MB

// Click on the thumbnails for the full sized caps. //

JASingsJibCon6BW_0001 JASingsJibCon6BW_0002 JASingsJibCon6BW_0003 JASingsJibCon6BW_0004 JASingsJibCon6BW_0005 JASingsJibCon6BW_0006 JASingsJibCon6BW_0007 JASingsJibCon6BW_0008 JASingsJibCon6BW_0009 JASingsJibCon6BW_0010 JASingsJibCon6BW_0011 JASingsJibCon6BW_0012 JASingsJibCon6BW_0013 JASingsJibCon6BW_0014 JASingsJibCon6BW_0015 JASingsJibCon6BW_0016 JASingsJibCon6BW_0017 JASingsJibCon6BW_0018 JASingsJibCon6BW_0019 JASingsJibCon6BW_0020 JASingsJibCon6BW_0021 JASingsJibCon6BW_0022 JASingsJibCon6BW_0023 JASingsJibCon6BW_0024 JASingsJibCon6BW_0025 JASingsJibCon6BW_0026 JASingsJibCon6BW_0027 JASingsJibCon6BW_0028 JASingsJibCon6BW_0029 JASingsJibCon6BW_0030 JASingsJibCon6BW_0031 JASingsJibCon6BW_0032 JASingsJibCon6BW_0033 JASingsJibCon6BW_0034 JASingsJibCon6BW_0035 JASingsJibCon6BW_0036 JASingsJibCon6BW_0037 JASingsJibCon6BW_0038 JASingsJibCon6BW_0039 JASingsJibCon6BW_0040 JASingsJibCon6BW_0041 JASingsJibCon6BW_0042 JASingsJibCon6BW_0043 JASingsJibCon6BW_0044 JASingsJibCon6BW_0045 JASingsJibCon6BW_0046 JASingsJibCon6BW_0047 JASingsJibCon6BW_0048 JASingsJibCon6BW_0049 JASingsJibCon6BW_0050 JASingsJibCon6BW_0051 JASingsJibCon6BW_0052 JASingsJibCon6BW_0053 JASingsJibCon6BW_0054 JASingsJibCon6BW_0055 JASingsJibCon6BW_0056 JASingsJibCon6BW_0057 JASingsJibCon6BW_0058 JASingsJibCon6BW_0059 JASingsJibCon6BW_0060

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