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First Impressions Review: 13x12 "Various & Sundry Villains"

Geez! Getting to this review took forever! Sorry!

Maybe it's just me, but I thought that opening with the sisters and Dale at the gas station ran a little too long.
Sam's still feeling low and Dean's trying keep him focused on getting Jack back.
Wait, you're telling me Asmodeus is calling the boys every day and faking Cas's voice? Since when has Cas EVER called in every single day??? Wouldn't that alone be a red flag to them?
Nice warding on the bars of Lucifer's cage! And Cas is still acting a little weird...just sayin'.
Of course Dean would help out anyone in trouble in a random parking lot. That's just who he is. :)
Lucky actress...that was a sweet little kiss. I would've gone for extra takes. *g*
Dean's so cute when he's love-struck! Him saying "twitter-pated" was adorable!
Jenny: "Where's the car? I wanted the car."
Everyone wants Baby. *g*
Okay, I totally know where this location is and...Jamie must have extra strength to hold that sledge hammer like that with one hand.
Sammy to the rescue!!! OMG The boys wrestling on the ground by the car....shades of them wrestling on the bed in "Tall Tales" am I right??? Dean might be smaller than Sam, but he's fast and strong! Hee! And Sam trying to tap out. lol
Btw, that wasn't Sam's usual gun. Maybe one from the car that they stow in the main part for emergencies?
Helloooooo, Rowena!

Castiel: Jack would rather kill you than hug you. Seems relevant. Do you know he doesn't -- he doesn't even really look like you. And he reminds me so much of his mother.
Alright, who else thought Cas was going to say Jack looked like him? *raises hand*
Okay, so they did explain Rowena's resurrection again....for the most part. *accepts it*
Rowena is visibly shaken by learning of her son's death. She's far more emotional than Crowley was over hearing of her death at the end of last season...
Gotta love the plastic on the chair the dude is sitting on. Wouldn't want blood getting all over it when Jenny stabs him with that knife. :P
Nice close-up shots of the boys in the car. I approve!!! :D
Lucifer and Cas working together to break out of their cells!
So we find out Rowena saw Lucifer's true face before he killed her and Sam's seen Luci's real face too and it still haunts him after all these years. And he can't talk to Dean about it. :(
Love how the gal at the store enjoys watching Dean as he walks away! Hee!
Of course Rowena sneaks a look at the address in Dean's hands! *sigh* Guys! C'mon!
Great! So the sisters didn't exactly finish the resurrection spell on their dearly departed mom and now she's a raving zombie that's immune to magic!!! Peachy.
You know...if the guys had been really smart, one of them could have taken off his jacket and used it to drag the hex bag to them. But I can see where having Sam stretch was more amusing. :P

Riverview!!!! :D
Which really shows that they remembered their continuity 'cause we find out Crowley's thrown room/lair and such was at this location back in Season 11's "Our Little World". Good job, show!
Ok, really Cas? You stabbed Lucifer with an angel blade before and it didn't work. Though granted, he's now at less than full power, but I doubt this will slow him down for long.
Grrr! Why show? Why have the boys say they have guns with witch killing bullets and allow the sisters to react and attack??? Hate it when the show makes the boys do stupid things.
OW! Dean gets hit in the leg with a hammer and Sam takes a blow to the ribs! Yet somehow by the end of the ep, only Dean needs an ice pack??? :(
Eee! Jared's wearing red underwear! You can see a bit of it when the sisters have the boys bent over the table. :P
Ah, the attack dog spell! And at first we think Rowena's going to have the sisters attack the boys...but no. They kill each other!

Aw, man. Rowena working her sympathy angle on Sam...and as we find out, it worked. He let her have the page from the book.
Nice scene between the boys and you gotta love those gorgeous close-ups! Thanks Amanda Tapping! :D
So we see Rowena doing the spell to get her full powers restored. Is this a good thing??? Not too sure...

Final Thoughts:

This was a pretty fun episode. Seeing Dean fall victim to a love spell was very amusing and it gave Jensen a great chance to play a different side to Dean. Of course, then we had the more serious stuff of Sam admitting to Rowena about his fear of Lucifer. Great job by Jared in showing Sam's fear that he's kept buried all these years, even from Dean. Wonder if we'll get a scene between the brothers later on where Sam does talk about it with Dean? Goodness knows they've been sharing and talking a lot more lately than they have in the past.

Nice to have Rowena back. Now the question is...will she end up hurting or helping the boys? I'd like to think that her encounters with Lucifer have changed her...along with losing her son...but who knows. In a lot of ways Rowena is very much like Crowley....often using the boys to get her own agenda carried out. Yet she's also helped them in the past and she saved them in this episode when she just as easily could have let the Plum sisters kill them. So...who knows!

I'd give this episode a B+. Not epic, but pretty good.
Bring on the next episode! :D


Dean: Okay, so we'll just come up with a plan B, okay? You said it yourself. We just keep our heads down and we'll do the work.
Sam: You said that.
Dean: And I was right. Yeah. So you read, do your Sam thing. I'm gonna go for a beer run.

Lucifer: Thanks. So considerate. Appreciate that a lot. You're not nice, and I don't like you. You're treating me like an everyday angel! And if I had just a little more power, I could tear this place apart! Just sayin'.

Dean: I am, like, full-on twitterpated here. Seriously, I can't wait for you to meet her, either. She -- I mean, she's. She's sweet and she's beautiful and she's just kinda sorta perfect. Anyway, I'm thinking of asking her to move in with me here if that's cool, 'cause this is big-time.

Sam: Okay, okay, okay. I think I know what's going on here. Do you remember, uh, uh, Becky in Vegas? The love spell and-
Dean: No.
Sam: M -- Okay, I think Jamie must be a-a witch or a demon --
Dean: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Sam: What?
Dean: Be nice. 'Cause she's got a sister. And if you play your cards right, you know, you guys might fall for each other. You know, the less attractive siblings, they fall in love. That's kind of cute, right?

Lucifer: "Let me just tell you something about my dick brother, about every version of my dick brother. When he decides to do something, he does it. It doesn't matter what the cost or who has to die, it is gonna happen cuz that's just the way he rolls."

Lucifer: Okay, let's face it Cassandra, the truths I say hurt 'cause they're hard to swallow so people call them lies. Go figure.

Castiel: Jack would rather kill you than hug you. Seems relevant. Do you know he doesn't -- he doesn't even really look like you. And he reminds me so much of his mother.

Rowena: "I've changed. Honestly. Having your skull crushed and being burned alive can do that to a girl."

Rowena: "I'd much rather have a living son, even one that hated me, than a dead hero."

Rowena: Tell me did they get to fifth base?
Dean: There's no such thing as fifth base.
Rowena: Oh, you poor, sheltered boy.

Sam: Welcome to Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Rowena: How despressingly Mid-Western.

Rowena: Before he crushed my skull, Lucifer showed me his face. His true face. I'm scared, Sam,. All the time.
Sam: I've seen it, too, what he really looks like behind -- behind whatever vessel. It still keeps me up at night.
Rowena: How do you deal with it?
Sam: I guess I don't deal with it. Not really. I mean, I-I pushed it down and, um the -- the world kept almost ending, so I-I keep pushing it down, and I don't know. I-I don't really talk about it, not even with Dean. I mean, I-I-I could. You know, he'd -- he'd listen, but that's not something I really know how to share.

Sam: Even if you do get the book, and even if you get your power back, it won't matter. You won't ever be able to change what happened. You won't be able to change how helpless you felt, or how helpless you feel. You're still gonna get scared. And that feeling that feeling never goes away.
Rowena: Never?
Sam: Never.

Dean: C'mon! You're like eight feet tall. You can't reach that?

Rowena: It's just a magical zombie. You've dealt with worse than magical zombies before, Rowena.

Dean: Can't believe I fell for a love spell. And got clocked by a witch with a hammer.
Sam: And zombie mom. Those are the details that sell the story.
Dean: Oh, yeah, yeah. Getting beat up by a girl -- that's a story I wanna tell someone.
Sam: Girls beat us up all the time.
Dean: Mm. True.

Dean: Look, what happened to Rowena was messed up, okay? But you just let the deadliest witch in the world walk away with a page from this book!
Sam: Yeah, and if Rowena breaks bad, I will hunt her down myself and put a bullet in her. I will, Dean. But if she's right, and if she does see Lucifer again, then I hope she makes him suffer.

Sam: I know what Rowena is dealing with. And she's not the only one who feels helpless.
Dean: What do you mean?
Sam: I mean, I had a plan, you know. I, uh Help Jack, um, bring Mom back. It wasn't much, but it was something. It -- it kept me from spinning off the rails. A-and now Jack is gone, Mom is still in Hell, basically, a-and I-I-I just.
Dean: We'll figure it out.
Sam: Dean, we don't have a plan. We don't know what to do. So -- so how?
Dean: I don't know. But we will, you and me.

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